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Yes, it happened: The interview

Hello, dears!

Finally, I had the interview with the Jordan Marketing Director. She is a charming woman who even showed me the snow, melting,  in Portland.

Only 30 minutes were scheduled but I felt comfortable speaking English, and we were talking more than an hour.  I know I earned the extra time, she didn´t stop typing and asking, digging in my answers. She opened my brain, dissecting my experience inside the Breakfast Club, training habits, expectations, goals, results… but also, personal info, clothing, equipment, purchasing habits, and so on. I had extra questions because I´m Spanish and they focused (and expected) on US athletes.


The Breakfast Club delivers workouts through Facebook Messenger, and I told her  I had used it years ago to train people, geographically remote. She was pretty interested.






Like 15 questions later, she asked: “How would you improve the program?”

“Hiring me”, I said.

“So, you would hire yourself to improve it?”, ensuring there was no mistake in translations.


“OK, actually, that´s a good idea”.  Nodded and typed.

What she wrote intrigues me.

I also suggested:

how to turn the workouts a little more interactive, allowing each trainee to turn them harder or easier. The next version of the Jordan Breakfast Club is expected next fall. If you find this feature there, you´ve read it here first, ha!

Of course, if they call me offering a job, I will tell it!!

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Wow! That is awesome!

Business and Beyond

Good luck on that opportunity! Hope you get the job!


Alex looks like a drill instructor! 😉


Suerte , espero noticias 🙂

Josh Gross | The Jaguar

That’s wonderful Chape, I’m so happy for you! I hope you get the job!


I hope they do offer you a job. Looking forward to hearing that great news.

Mary Job

Awesome…Xo. Great news.


Oh wow, Congrats first of all and I do pray that you get a call soon. 🙂

Christy B

Great news! Hope you get a good call soon about it 🙂

Karina Pinella

Sounds interesting. Good luck!

Dawn Marie

They would be blessed & very fortunate to have you!! Good luck!


All good wishes David! They gonna take you for sure! Your passion must be evident to them! 🙂


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