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Twisting standing dumbbell biceps curl

Dumbbell Standing Twist Biceps Curl

You can build your biceps by doing curls while standing or seated, and with a variety of tools. The twisting standing dumbbell curl features an extra movement to help give you the biceps you want. This exercise engages the forearms as well as the biceps. In addition to creating balance in the upper and lower arm, this exercise improves wrist mobility.

Stand straight and hold a dumbbell in each hand. Let your arms hang by your sides with the palms facing your body.

Exhale and bend your elbow to raise the dumbbell toward your shoulders. Rotate your forearms as the weights ascend so your palm faces your shoulder at the peak of your movement. Keep the elbow close to your side and the upper arm as still as possible.

Inhale, lower the dumbbell to the starting position slowly. Rotate your forearms in reverse so your palms again face your body when your arms are extended downward. Repeat with the other hand.

8 thoughts on “Twisting standing dumbbell biceps curl

  1. Chape,
    Dumbbell curls with a twist , lol. I have done these, I would say they aren’t hard at all, unless you are lifting fairly heavy dumbbells. good exercise and good job with proper form :)

    1. Names drive me crazy!! And Google doesn’t help, lol.
      If it’s not hard, you are not lifting enought weight! 😜

      1. Hahah Hush! maybe I want it to be easy :P lmfao. how much were you lifting in the video? Also, names drive me crazy too, because so many different names for one exercise.

      2. Hahaha, maybe 😂
        I was lifting 10 pounds… Extreme World Record!!
        So, you know the struggles naming exercises 😄

      3. Hahahahaha 10 pounds is definitely gains! LOL. I don’t think I can handle 10 pounds. I know the struggles naming exercises because everyone calls things different names.

      4. I know, I know 😂 #ChallengeYouselfShay-lon!!!
        Naming is a battle we can’t win, haha! Just pray for understanding 😥

      5. Haha #prayforChape LOL

      6. #amen LOL

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