Training senior adults

Training senior adults. My methods surpass new studies.

Last week I came across a new study by researchers at Wake Forest University. I had to read it twice to actually believe it, and a couple of times again before writing this post.

I´ve highlighted the “shocking” results so we can go straight to the point:

This is what Glenda achieved in 12 weeks, not 18 months! If you permit me, I think the training period time is the first achievement. Who wants to wait 18 months to see results? I´d love to know you if that´s so!

Glenda lost 11 pounds in 12 weeks, compared to 17 pounds in 18 months achieved by the study participants. 

Also, she gained 8,4 pounds of lean muscle, compared to 20% muscle mass loss in the study.

Side note, the weekly comments Glenda were doing each week in the measurement table were priceless.

These are the data that I can present to you, the conclusions are yours.

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      1. I know ! But with those series on tv of severe obese people losing weight, and a perfectly normal side effect with such tremendous weight loss to have loose skin at the end of the program, I think it shocks people and make them a bit scared? Just the other day someone told me it to be the reason, she wanted to loose weight slowly. Having to loose 150 kilo or 20 kilo, somehow some people don’t understand that is a huge difference.

      2. There is a huge difference between 20 and 150 kilo, if they don’t notice it… well, they may need math classes, lol!!
        Anyway, the tv shows are a different thing, there is a competition to lose more weight than the other participants, and their health get aside. I would blame the trainers for that, and that kind of tv shows should not exist (but that’s my opinion).
        1 or 2 pounds per week shouldn’t result into loosen skin. But if you stick to what is safe for anyone and you can anticipate that all the participants are going to lose 1-2 pounds per week… Bye-bye tv shows 😃

  1. Proper eating habits will help reduce muscle loss as well, which I believe you offer nutritional support as well as the physical training. Good job Glenda!!

    1. Yes, I do. Training and meal plans have to work together to get the best results. What I do not know is what this people exactly did in Wake Forest, lol!! But 20% muscle loss doing weight training? Someone didn’t calculate the protein needs correctly 😂😂

      1. Indeed lol!!! I read an article a few month ago about muscle loss in the senior population and how adequate protein is vital. I don’t remember who publish it but weight training certain should be included on a regular basis.

      2. Yeah, muscle loss is a common issue as we age. On the other hand, weight training is an undeniable way to build muscle, but only if you eat enough protein (at any age). So, I can only think that they could get better results with a different diet. Maybe in a future research?? Lol!!!

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