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Top 100 Fitness Blogs and Websites on the planet


I am so excited by this news that my hands tremble!!! Where do I begin? At the beginning, you are right.

As you know, the fitness industry is hard and publicizing an internet business is possibly even harder. For these reasons, I am always looking for ways to promote my business. Last weekend, I found the list of the best 100 blogs and websites to follow, provided by Feedspot.

What´s Feedspot? It´s a RSS Reader. If you’re trying to keep up with news and content on multiple webs, Feedspot allows you to put all of your reading in one place.

There is an impressive amount of fitness blogs out there and this list includes the best on the planet like Men´s Fitness, Reebok Fitness Blog, MyFitnessPal Blog, ACE (American Council on Exercise), or Anytime Fitness Blog, just to name a few blogs among the top 10.

Call me foolish, but I decided to submit my blog, with little or no hope of accessing the list. I would be happy to enter the Feedspot fitness blog directory and get some more readers. That´s what I expected. What I got, so you can guess by the title of this post, was to enter the list. I am not in the position #100, or #99, not even #90 or #80. Dear friends, my blog is on the list at number 73, which is not bad if you realize that I do not have a team working on this blog. Just me!

I am so happy and proud right now… that I´m going  to take  the rest of the day off!! I think you will agree with me… From time to time a break is necessary to savor the achievements and victories. This news is both an achievement and a sweet victory after a long time blogging. 

Don´t worry, I will return with new content and much more energy before you realize that I have taken a day off, I promise.

I’m looking forward to climbing some positions. I know I will never make #1 but, top 50? I´m going to try it.

From a small Spanish coastal town to the top 100 fitness blogs on the planet, today is a day to remember and celebrate!

Thank you all, lot of love and, as always, big hugs!!


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    1. You can’t see me but I’m dancing and singing (on the rain, you know Galicia, LOL!). Un millón de gracias por estar siempre ahí!!!

      1. I know! A list of the best blogs on any topic is a great start point to find what you need ;) I´m happy to be ranked there :D

    1. Yeah! I’m still celebrating it and telling my friends about it 🎉😁Thank you so much, Michaela 😘

      1. You’ll be on cloud 9 for a long time, I think. Hahaha! :-) Besides….there’s no deadline on celebrating.

      2. Hahaha! Yes, you’re right. Also, here in Spain we love parties and celebrations 😁😁

      3. Good to be where there are celebrations! 🙂 Since when have you been living in Spain? And whereabouts in Spain? I imagine your Spanish is excellent! Did you know Spanish before you went there? So many questions, eh? Haha! Por favor. 🙂

      4. You really made my day!! I’m Spanish and if you didn’t realize it, my English is not that bad 😅 Born, raised and living in the northwest 😉 Are you curious about Spain? Planning on vacation? Just shoot me all your questions and I will pleased to answer them 😁

      5. Oh COOL!! I made your day….and you just made my day! I DID NOT know!! Your English is VERY good, David. 🙂 That is ultra cool! I now know I have an amazing blogger and friend living in Spain! Whereabouts in the northwest? Yes, I AM curious. Not planning a vacation for this year, but certainly I can move Spain further up on my travel wishlist. I guess the tables are reversed….haha! I can come to you for practice in Spanish; it’s been years since I used it. It’s QUITE rusty. But I still love the language. I studied it in school as another option, after French (and I have German in my family background). I have always loved the sound of Spanish. I have a Facebook friend living in Mexico and sometimes I get to try and decipher her Spanish posts when she isn’t posting in English. She’s really cool, too. Oh wow! What a wonderful surprise! And a day early….as tomorrow is my birthday. 🙂

      6. Wow! Let me be the first to wish you a very Happy Birthday!! Feliz Cumpleaños 🎉😘 You can practice your Spanish with me whenever you want 😉 I live in Galicia, really close to Portugal. It’s a green and rainy place, like Ireland, but we enjoy a warmer weather in the summer. Galicia is famous because of the Santiago de Compostela’s cathedral and its pilgrim route. Definitely, if you ever visit Spain you have to spend a couple of days over here (at least), and enjoy our traditional dishes, drinks and parties 😁👌

      7. Gracias, David! 🙂 I have to do a LOT of brushing up…..haha! VERY rusty. But it’s been swirling around in my head to work on it again. Possibly also because I have another friend who lives in Ecuador – he’s retired – and he keeps dangling the “come down and visit me” carrot Haha! And I would need to improve my Spanish for there as well. 🙂 Galicia sounds beautiful! I will go exploring online and see what I find, including the cathedral. You bet! I am all for enjoying traditional dishes, drinks, and festivities whenever I travel! 🙂 So good to know I have another spot to drop in and explore….possibly with a David tour guide. 🙂

      8. Absolutely, I love playing the guide role 😁👌You have many friends that speak Spanish so you are running out of excuses 😂 Traveling is an expensive way to practice a language but it’s the best and funniest way I know to do it!! México, Ecuador, and Spain. Your Spanish will be perfect and you will enjoy a lot of amazing places and cultures 💯😉

      9. I had a hunch you might enjoy that kind of work. :-) Yes, you are correct. I am running out of excuses – haha! True….travelling is more fun and solidifies one’s language skills in a shorter time frame. :-) And that’s the best part about travelling….the people one meets, the amazing sights and different cultures. <3

  1. Chapel this is WONDERFUL news! And I’m not in the least bit way surprised!! Your blog has always filled me with great inspiration to be the ‘best version’ of myself & I know you inspire countless others in various ways!! You are deserving of this honor & I am blessed to have already valued your great services previously & present!! Hugs & Blessings!!

    1. WOW!! THANKS!! I was very surprised 😃 and I don’t see myself inspiring others like you say. Maybe I should look me in the mirror in a different way 😉 Thank you so much for your refreshing comment and unconditional support 😍 Big hugs and blessings!!

    1. Thank you so much, Josh!! :)
      No worries, you´ve been one of my greatest supporters and I heartily appreciate it!! I hope you´re doing well and your knees are getting better ;)
      Big hugs,

  2. OMG, that is so AWESOME! 10000000 CONGRATULATIONS my friend! I consider myself very fortunate to have you training me 😀 😀 😀 Hugs!

  3. Love your blog, and this post is great! 😀 I will follow for sure.
    Please visit my blog with updates about fitness and health, it´s really intresting and great facts you dont want to miss. Follow if you´d like <3
    Take care and keep it up!

    1. Thank you so much!! 😉
      Sure I will follow you, I’m always glad to support fellow fitness bloggers 💪 Read you soon 👌

  4. Congratulations on a well deserved achievement, Chape. Wish you more such accomplishments in future. :)

  5. Top 100?! What an achievement! I have been reading your blogs and I like how you make all the fitness inspiration stories really personal, helping to connect people from all different backgrounds and circumstances through weight loss or just fitness! Awesome!

    1. Thank you so much 😃 My blogs are inspired by my clients, and they all have different backgrounds, circumstances, and goals. All are based in true stories and situations. I just try to share the honest advice that I give to my clients with every one who may be in similar situations 😉
      Big hugs,

  6. congratulations! that was really a good thing for you and your business. This blog will become the source of encouragement for the beginners.

  7. heartiest congratulations to you. Really a big 1 is also not so far, hope you will surely achieve it one day ;)

    1. Thank you so much! I truly appreciate your encouragement, #1 seems pretty far to me, haha! But I´ll keep working to rank higher ;)

    1. Dear fellow blogger,
      I´m always glad to help new bloggers and I have no problem sharing the link to your blog. But, if you permit me an advice, you should find some “meet and greet” posts and share your links there. It really helps :)
      I´ve just visited your website and let me tell you that I love your clean design and easy to read blog posts. One of the best blogs I´ve found recently.
      As you said on your blog “10 ways to make money online”: “It takes months and years to establish yourself as Blogger”. Do not be discouraged and keep up your great work!
      Big hugs,

      1. Thanks a lot sir, atleast you replied that only is great to me since rest others who I asked for helping not even replying
        Thanku sir and I will take all of your advices seriously

      2. No need to thank me 😅 Hope the others reply, I can relate… Waiting for an answer to a comment/email… It’s not funny.
        By the way, I missed a follow button or a subscription form on your website 🤔?

      3. Now I have Added A follow button in the footer area
        thnx again for this valuable suggestion

      4. Thanks for your kind words, I think you will be the one giving me advice in no time!! 😀

  8. All the list of fitness blog that you provided are really good and also useful.I like your blog take on fitness topic is well-written and original,it’s give such a great information which is very helpful.thanks for sharing such a great ideas.

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