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Three Day Quote Challenge Day 1

Thanks Amaya for nominating me for the three-day quote challenge. It´s my first challenge and it´s very funny. I’ve always loved quotes. But posting my favourite quotes doesn´t feel like a challenge. So I decided to google (is this a verb now, isn´t it?) for new ones. You are invited to comment, discuss or whatever you feel about these quotes 🙂

Challenge´s rules:

  1. Post three consecutive days.
  2. You can pick one or three quotes per day.
  3. Challenge three different bloggers per day.

Today´s author is Pyotr Kropotkin. I choose these three quotes, but Goodreads has plenty 🙂

Piotr“Everything is exalted: science and industry, knowledge and application, discovery and practical realisation leading to other inventions, mental work and physical work. Every discovery and progress, every increase in wealth of mankind, originates in all the manual and brain work of yesterday and today. So what right has anyone to grab a particle of that whole and say, ‘This is mine and not yours’?”

“Today, when England wanted to make a large dictionary of their language, has not waited for one Littré to devote his life to this work. He called to his aid volunteers, and a thousand people have volunteered to record spontaneous and free libraries and end in a few years a job for which there have been enough the whole life of a man. The same trend appears in all branches of intelligent activity, and would require very little know mankind to not guess the future is announced in these attempts of teamwork rather than individual work.”

“The feeling of solidarity is the leading characteristic of all animals living in society. The eagle devours the sparrow, the wolf devours the marmot. But the eagles and the wolves respectively aid each other in hunting, the sparrow and the marmot unite among themselves against the beasts and birds of prey so effectually that only the very clumsy ones are caught. In all animal societies, solidarity is a natural law of far greater importance than that struggle for existence, the virtue of which is sung by the ruling classes in every strain that may best serve to stultify us.”

My nominees:

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Thank you ever so much 🙂 I love quotes you know so, I would love to do this. I am taking in part in one and once that is up I will continue this thread. Regards.


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Oh I am tracking your quotes since beginning… these are like short stories though. 🙂