The future of personal training by Shay-lon

The Future of Personal Training by Shay-lon

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I´ve met Shay-lon  a few months ago. I liked her energy and honesty on every post and any topic. Her blog, Staying healthy isn´t a crime-Fitness is a lifestyle choice is a must read. She is a recent graduate in exercise science and next month she becomes a certified personal trainer.

You may disagree, I think students and recent graduates are great sources of knowledge. I also think I´ve found a jewel and I would like to share it with you. I´m pleased Shay-lon has accepted my invitation to contribute to this blog.

Please, give a warm welcome to my new colleague and friend, Shay-lon. Sure you´ll enjoy her insight as much as I did:

To begin with, personal training in the beginning served purposes that helped people like Arnold become a fitness icon and helped athletes do better in their sport or event. It was a huge deal to look a certain way depending on who were at the time and what kind of activities you partook in. It wasn’t always called personal training but rather “coaches”; people that wanted to see you succeed and do better than the competition but nonetheless they wanted to make sure you looked the part. Also, the movement and exercises back then were hardly enough and things started to expand a bit in the 2000s when science was updated and we had people taking more risk to try something new to see if it worked and the purpose of it. Today, in my opinion I feel that personal training has become ever so very popular; especially among young people and it serves so many purposes that pretty much anyone could benefit from having a personal trainer. On the other side of things, it is slowly becoming a competition between trainers versus a learning experience and it is becoming a commercialized job that seems to want to push people to make money from having more clients. Once a upon time we actually cared about people’s well-being and health, now it seems the majority of trainers only care about the profit and their own physique and less about how they can make a difference in someone else’s health. This doesn’t mean all personal trainers feel the need to take, take, take and give 50 percent but it means some don’t have a problem with doing so. The expectations of personal trainers today is that we perform these same tricks you see people on Youtube doing to get exposure and to lie their way into making others think the exercise they are doing is beneficial and get paid for it down the road. The sad part is, this is what people want to see; people doing these ridiculous exercise (i.e lets take a basic dumbbell bicep curl and now make into a handstand dumbbell bicep curl and do it while on the roof of your house) yes this is extreme but this is what people are doing, being extreme! Not everyone who has a 6 pack is qualified to make meal plans and give people proper exercise advice but for whatever reason people would rather work with a female or male who looks like the hulk with no certification then work with someone who has background experience, certification, and educational background and still looks fit enough where maybe their muscles are not necessarily bulging but they can run a good mile under 6 minutes. You see my point? I personally think that if we continue to allow “clowns” to run our fitness industry most of us will be out of a job because our standard movements and exercises won’t be enough for people anymore. Although I do believe that people might grow sick and tired of the games and decide they would much rather do exercises and movements that are beneficial to them versus “cool” and take a risk in potential injury. I am not saying we should ignore technology and not progress & come up with more movements/exercises, because in our field, we have to continuously keep up with new stuff and always work to get more experience BUT this doesn’t mean we need to stretch things to the extreme where people are now doing off the wall stuff just for the $$ and for the exposure. In my opinion the future of personal training should increase job wise; especially since everyone is now on this fitness kick and Crossfit lifestyle change, but the quality of personal trainers and fitness gurus seems to be declining and since we seem to want to always compete against other personal trainers and fitness professionals; it won’t help one bit because we will constantly be trying to “up our game” to whatever heights we have to in order to gain more clients and more money.

People like myself who love advanced movements but still see the benefits in the more standard/basic movements will have a hard time finding clients who are willing to work with us (not for the cool exercises and big muscles) but for the information, the experience, the and the purpose of making sure our clients gain confidence, and are not relying on us for the duration of their life but at some point will then know how to perform these exercises without our constant having to monitor their every exercise. The goal I have as a personal trainer is yes, I want to gain clients, I want to make money, and yes I want exposure too so that people have something good to say about who I am as a person BUT I also want my clients to eventually leave the nest and be able to take what I have shown them for however long I am with them and be able to continue down a healthy path. What is the whole point in keeping your clients hostage to the point where they need you for the rest of their lives? you haven’t done your job correctly if you have clients who never leave the nest; eventually our clients will need to be able to handle a healthy lifestyle change and make their exercise regimen their life without us being there, that is why we train them and help them to do so, not hinder them and have them rely on us for as long as possible. I do believe keeping in touch is the way to go, and some clients I might have for 6 months, some for a week and others for 2 years but if they met their goal within that time frame, the new goal is to teach them to be independent. So overall, the future of personal training depends on the quality of trainers and their history, experience, and background, education. The future could turn out bright or end up in a haze.

Thank you for reading, I hope that you all have enjoyed hearing my perspective and hope to have some good feedback.

Your fitness blogger, Shay-lon xoxo

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  1. I loved this so much and I think it has given me an idea for a post; “who looks like the hulk with no certification then work with someone who has background experience, certification, and educational background and still looks fit enough” I experience this a lot since I started teaching yoga and it is so uncomfortable that people want to see instructors doing hand stands rather than teaching something beneficial

    1. Cool idea!!
      I usually have to answer something about how much weight do I lift :)
      I think all they want is a confirmation that it´s possible, see it with their own eyes. I can´t do hand stands, but I´m amused every time I see anyone do them.
      Only teachers know the risks and the previous work required to do hand stands, or heavy lifting ;) I think it comes with the job, be responsible for them. They come with goals, a ton of energy, and a lot to learn.
      I´m looking forward to reading your post :)

  2. Thank you to everyone who has read this and enjoyed it. I hope my point got across well enough. I appreciate the support! I love personal training and fitness, and I am happy with my major, I am unhappy with the kind of people who “run” the fitness industry, not everyone is bad news bears but when I see more videos on Youtube about an exercise that shows no benefits and less videos on exercises that could help a wide range of people; it burns me! Btw, I will take a look at your blog post too!
    Chape this was done very well and I am so happy you allowed me to be a guest post on your website! you have been nothing but a great mentor and kind person since my blogging and I continue to wish well for you and will continue to read your post :) Thank you so much.


    1. Thank you for sharing your insight with us. I think you were pretty clear, don´t worry. You have inspired other with your post. Have you read the comments? :D
      And let´s be serious, I can accept kind person, but there is no way you can call me mentor and get alive with it ;)
      If you have enjoyed the experience, you are invited to come back anytime! :D
      P.S. I think my opinion is not necessary here, but I´ve written it :)
      Hugs, Chape

      1. Haha!
        Well you have been a mentor for me since blogging, you have shown me some of the ropes, and have kinda taken me under your wing so that I know how to get the attention of followers and keep them as not only followers but friends. I didn’t realize what all went into blogging but now I do know and it has been an exciting learning experience for me! I will always be back for more, lol. No worries.
        I don’t think I would have had the chance to express so much using just my page alone, and I feel like I was able to share it with so many more people having been nominated to speak on your website. I think fitness/health is very important and always will be an important aspect in our lives, it is people like ourselves who have to give people a reason to not only believe in fitness&health but also believe in being able to be the best they can be! We may not be able to save everyone, but something about a chain reaction normally gets the job done :)
        I am happy that you have chosen to share your opinion for no other reason, then I think as someone in the fitness industry like yourself, you could also enlighten youngsters who have graduated in this major :)


      2. Hahaha, I can´t teach what I don´t know. I´m very happy you´re making friends, but I can´t take credit for that :) For obvious reasons :D
        Well, this is my promised summary:
        I agree with your conclusion, the future depends on the quality of trainers.

        Summarizing, I see our future, online. Look at us, usually blogging about fitness! Internet has been a revolution, by making information accessible all over the world, and we´re still getting used to it. From articles to free apps, encouraging and helping people stay healthy and fit. This creates a positive and global environment towards fitness, which is worth itself but also good for our business. As you´ve pointed, our clients are not for their lifetime. We help them reach their goals and give them tools to continue on the right path, just like any other professional in any other field. We all need help sometimes with something. At some point of my life, I needed a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher, who helped and guided me through different situations. Once they did their job, it was up to me follow their advice… or not.

        Internet brings a range of possibilities for non-presential training, multiplying our potential clients, overcoming frontiers and time zones. I like to call it the democratization of personal training. It started as exclusive service for famous and rich people, then for just rich people, and eventually, middle class service. Nowadays, anyone from anywhere can hire some personal trainer from somewhere else, follow a meal and exercise plan, paying an affordable price for a personalized service. The new wearable gadgets make things easier, giving us an exhaustive feedback on how our clients are doing. 1 on 1 is cool, but it´s not the reason our clients reach their goals. They also do everything else we tell them to do. So, sacrificing 1 on 1 we can go much further than our city. I mean all, trainers and clients.

        I dislike “Fitness Industry”, I think it´s a lie to sell us magazines, t-shirts, shoes, etc. And I think personal trainers do (or we should do) something different, we listen and give advice. All these is a terrible simplification, but I guess you get the idea. You may need an activity tracker, but I don´t care which one you buy. Brands want us as reps, but it´s a dangerous game. What when I get more money from gadgets and stuff than from my clients? That´s why the quality of the trainers matters! I´m not ready to answer this question so, I don´t sell anything but my work, just in case :)
        This is it, let me know what you think!
        Hugs, Chape

      3. Chape,
        You mentioned something more important than what I mentioned and I am happy that you did because you are very correct when you mention how the internet will be the future of personal training or could be the future (sense neither of us really know for sure). I can’t believe I missed that point, but I am happy you did bring it up. In my opinion the world wide web has served so many opportunities for people anywhere and everywhere (good and bad use); but nonetheless people pretty much depend on the internet for their daily life endeavors. I don’t know many people who do not except for the occasional elderly person or older generation rather. Although, that is because they don’t have the patience or time for it sometimes; which is understandable at times.
        I personally think personal training would become an internet phenonomon (spell check me) then we may have great things happen but I could see multiple issues stemming from that as well because people these days cannot discern what is true and what is false; they believe anything and everything and are too lazy to research and find out for themselves. We already have crazies on Youtube doing these exercise “tricks:, and people are jumping at it like chocolate hanging from a tree because everyone wants to play follow the leader instead of doing what is right for them. I like technology more days than none, internet personal training will be easier but have me rather concerned. I like the 1 on 1 face contact because I am not only able to see you in person, but I am able to know you on a more personal level; it feels more realistic to me, but at the same time if I want to help more people and make more money then I assume internet personal training is the way to go.

        It is indeed a dangerous game because now we are focusing on profit and less on client progress. Now we don’t care if the client progresses because the brand wants us to focus on selling products and pushing revenue so we get more money. If we become reps, we become walking $$ signs, selling machines, we no longer work as proper personal trainers but as robots in an industry controlled by people who only care about making a name and bringing in fame. Sure, so maybe we should do more instead of listening and give advice, maybe we need to take more steps so that our job doesn’t become another professionals job who can pretty much do the same thing for more money. Sad truth.
        Anyways, great job! enjoyed the read Chape.
        Hugs, Shay-lon

      4. You are too young to remember life without internet lol
        I think it´s an obvious, logic and economic evolution. I also see multiple problems, different ones: most countries don´t require certification to work as personal trainer. You pay your taxes and that´s it. So, that´s a huge problem not caused by people´s lack of discernment. Photoshop and video editing are dangerous, but we already know that from traditional magazines and videos :)
        People follow leaders, but there are all kind of leaders. Again, we have to choose, and the quality (again, moral) of the trainers is crucial.
        I´m sure I´m forgetting a lot of things, but it´s midnight and I´m sleeping over the keyboard :) I will continue tomorrow. I know I wanted to say something about the 1 on 1 :)
        Good night, dear!
        Hugs, Chape

  3. I just want to ask a question. Who do we really blame for the problem? Do we blame the fitness industry or do we blame the consumer?
    Are people buying it because we are selling it or are we just selling it because it is what sales best?
    Hope that makes since?

    1. Great question! I have to say I´m partial here. I´m a consumer defender because I´m a consumer maybe… 12 hours a day?
      The company is responsible for the service. The fitness industry not always sells the healthier way of life. You don´t raise your sales promoting moderation :)
      This makes sense to you?

      1. I do agree with you. I believe this is where it gets a little worst before things get better. Consumers are getting smarter and have lost some trust in the fitness industry. I wish I knew when but things will change for the better. The fact that the fitness industry is unregulated this process is the only way to weed out the bad apples.

  4. Hmm, didn’t realize someone had such a question! lol. Well, might as well answer since I am here now.
    In my opinion we need to blame the industry, we can blame the consumer for not being knowledgeable, sure. But hey, isn’t that our job to relay the correct information to the consumer? I don’t know anymore. Once upon a time, I would have said I am partial to the industry because we weren’t selling bull**** products to make a quick buck (excuse my language) but now, from what I am gathering, the industry is headed toward the opposite direction (screw results and make money) who cares if someone doesn’t meet their goals, I will just tell them they need to eat this, try this, take this, and wear this and everything will be just fine. You get the point? No one wants to be an actual personal trainer these days; they want the name but not have to do the work. The sad truth is, I am a consumer; just as Chape is, and I have made the same mistakes as other consumers in this industry because I wanted what they want: QUICK RESULTS; so sure it is the consumers fault for buying into this, but it is the industries fault for giving people false hopes, no progress and sponsoring people who have no idea what it means to actually personal train someone.

    1. Here is the background. Most personal training do not learn business and often hate the business part of training. So for the most part personal trainers just want to make a living. That is one thing a dislike when personal trainers are criticize about trying to make money. Even if you want to say More money. Look at all the other people getting crazy rich at the expense of some ones health. A 5 minute Doctor visit can cost $100 dollars. Then you get charged $200 for $5 medication. Junk food industry the reason for the visit, they are crazy rich.
      Anyway if you cheat the system as a personal trainer these days you will not last long. So that process takes care of itself. Back to the original question “who is the blame”? It like the chicken or the egg. People are only going to pay for the results they want. Learn to eat healthy a few people show up. Learn to lose weight by eating healthy it is almost guarantee to double the number of people. Again we still have ask why do we need to add lose weight or put quick in front to get more people to show up. We have to get them to show up so we can educate them.

      1. Hm, makes sense. I can agree that we are not as business savvy as we should be because of our lack of interest sometimes. Although that is a choice that some make & I hope that I can be a bit different in a sense where the business becomes just as important as my workout for the client. We shall see in later dates..
        I like to think I won’t last long as a cheating personal trainer but it seems like they last long enough they make a great amount of income; so that even then if they lose their credibility; they will still have earned so much income from countless lies and false promises. Sometimes it becomes too late.
        Yes, using keywords can make a difference in how many people become interested in listening to you. Certain words stick out like a needle.

      2. I agree most of us try to make a living. I don´t know too many billionaries, and those I know aren´t trainers. I do know good personal trainers who went out of business because they hated the business part. Your comments have made me think, or wonder, does anybody bill for pounds? I mean, bill for reached goals?

      3. Haha, really? yes because most trainers turn into models who then turn into false trainers because they are given a script and product and told to sell the product and get paid more than they would as a normal trainer, how would I know, I don’t, but just my thoughts.
        Do you really know personal trainers that have went out of business? I do and love to hear about this.. how come they did not like the business aspect? is it that bad?
        Good point Chape, now I have myself wondering the same exact thing.. like once I get certified, should I bill to make a living or should I bill based on what I could offer? I mean honestly.. I could almost get away with billing people more than what is necessary with the way things are going. lol.

      4. You may not even make a quick buck. It is called “Know, like, and trust”. It is really to new way to do business. I am not a business savy person. If you want to make more money and do it long term you have to get people to “know, like, and trust”. Consumer they maybe want with bad intentions, but they have more knowledge and leverage. So the bad sleezy people that constently push their crap, probably just have more money to waste on bad marketing. Remember the best marketing for personal trainers is word of mouth or giving quality information. Again the timer is counting down for the bad ones.

      5. This is a response to most trainer are models. Think about if they have no education, knowledge, or caring concern do you really think they can do much beside pose for pictures= zero results. That add up once the next model comes they are forgotten. I know it is upsetting but would you rather have a two year career or a 20 year career.

  5. Hi, Fab blog! I have just set up mine, but still in the very early stages – a few months old. Just making efforts to link in with fellow bloggers to improve our followers and get the word out there for us both. I would appreciate you having a peek at my blog, as I have published several posts. Feel free to like, comment, follow or just take a peek. Thank you :)

    1. Hi, Melanie :) Thank you so much for your kind words. I like your tasty blog :) It´s good to know restaurants and bars all over the world, just in case ;) Nice to meet you, looking forward to reading your reviews!
      Big hug, David

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