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The conference call

The Conference Call

Hello, wonderful people! Yesterday, I had this interview with Jordan´s Marketing Senior Director. It didn´t go as any of us would expect.   I tried to connect to the conference call platform multiple times but I was unable to connect. I spent the whole time of the interview introducing codes and pin numbers, and enjoying the typical waiting music. Quickly, I send her an email apologizing for wasting her time, and that was all. This morning she sent me another email, setting up a new conference call on Monday. Please, cross your fingers :)

8 thoughts on “The conference call

  1. Fingers, toes and elbows crossed :) Best of luck! I’m sure you’ll do fabulously, if you can just get that call nailed down! ;) Hugs!

    1. Thank you so much, dear 😘
      I’ll try 😊

  2. Gotta love technology

    1. Hahaha, sure!

  3. Fingers crossed. Pray it goes well.

    1. Thank you 😊

      1. You’re welcome.

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