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The common causes of muscle pain and how to avoid them in your exercise regimee

A couple of weeks ago, the guys at Bodytonic clinic contacted me because they wanted to expand their health and fitness related blog content. 

Specialist Osteopathy, Pilates, Massage, Health, Beauty and Fitness clinics based in the heart of London, Canada Water SE16, Wapping E1W & Stratford E15 (E20, Zone 2).

They are very nice guys and great professionals, if you have the opportunity because you live near or you travel to London, I recommend that you pay them a visit and enjoy their facilities and services.

For this occasion, they’ve put together an infographic about the common causes of muscle aches and pains in your fitness regime, specifically those which come about as a result of a poorly planned fitness regime.

Obviously, this wouldn´t happen if you´d hire a personal trainer to plan your fitness journey and help you all the way.

The common causes of muscle pain and how to avoid them in your exercise regimee

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The All Of It Blog

hey hey davidddddd,

ive been having some pain in my neck recently, it’s kind of crazy and I enjoyed reading this post!
Ima try excersize it away x


Josh Gross | The Jaguar

Great information!

Tikeetha T

Great suggestions can you please give me some exercise ideas to help Munch strengthen his upper body? He could barely lift his body out of the pool. He’s 10. Thanks


Great infographic indeed, David. Warming up and cooling down seems to be what most people underestimate.


I really like the way that this flows! I would make a great poster.

Alina Smith

great blog post. thank you for sharing this great information with us. and i hope you will share this also in future.