The blogger tag

The Blogger Tag

Hello, dears!

First, let me thank Jolie at Joliesattic for tagging me. She is a very kind woman and an amazing blogger. She doesn´t blog, she narrates stories. Definitely, you want to follow her!
Also, I want to thank all the nominations I´ve received last week and give a brief explanation. I truly appreciate your recognition, and at the same time, it´s overwhelming. Last week I received a daily award and two more this week. I just can´t do them in a reasonable lapse, and that´s why I retired in the first place. As this is not strictly an award, and I´ve never been tagged before, I´m going to do this one.

I haven´t found rules so, I´m following Jolie´s lead :)


How tall are you?

168 cm, I think that´s 5´6.

Do you have a hidden talent?

If I have one, it´s well hidden :D

What’s your biggest blog-related pet peeve?

It´s hard to cope with bloggers who post seven or eight times a day. I think nobody has that much to say.

What’s your biggest non-related blog pet peeve?

Easy and need no explanation, politics!

What’s your favorite song?

What’s your favorite social media website?

Find me on Twitter and Facebook :)

What’s your favorite way to spend your time when you’re alone?

Reading, walking… something relaxing.

What´s your favorite junk food?

Chocolate ice-cream!

Do you have a pet or pet(s)? If so, what kind and what are their names?

Please, let me introduce you Face (male cat) and Ari (female dog)


What are your number one favorite non-fiction and fiction books?

I read more non-fiction: Chomsky, Ott, Escohotado, Gould…

What’s your favorite beauty product or tool?

Water! It cleans inside and outside.

When were you last embarrassed? What happened?

I´m sure I was a kid. I´m pretty shameless now :D

If you could only drink one beverage (besides water) for the rest of your life what would it be?

Beer. The oldest beer recipe preserved is Sumerian (Irak), an old prayer to Ninkasi Goddess of Brewing and Beer ;)

What’s your favorite movie?

Maybe “The great dictator”.

What was your favorite lesson at school?

Science, history and later, philosophy.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

Amsterdam! I love it!

PC or Mac?



Favorite celebrity?

I don´t follow these people.

What blogger do you secretly want to be best friends with?

I think I don´t understand this question :)

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My mother.

What is your favorite blog to read?

I can´t pick one! I follow many blogs about different topics because I like them all. I will tag a few!

What is your favorite high street shop?

I´m not sure what is that, but I´m sure my town is too small to have one. Anyway if this is something like a shopping street, I do like shopping, and I loved this one at Copenhagen some years ago.

Are you in education or do you work?

I work, I do online training. Surprise!

One thing you are proud of?

Mi little website.


Dutch goes the Photo!

My friday blog

Life editor

A Thomas Point of View

Joys of Joel

Fit recovery

Staying healthy isnt a crime

Lifes fine whine

Have a great weekend!



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  1. Heeeyyyyyy there’s finally a dog cameo!! And a kitty too! I knew if I waited long enough the critters would make an appearance :)
    Those are some fun answers.

    1. Hahaha! I’m sorry!!! Now I realize I got cameo’s meaning all wrong 😥
      Well, you finally meet them and that’s the point 😉
      Big hug!

  2. I love it!!! I’m with you on the multiple posts in one day. I have to get picky when there’s too many which I don’t have to do. Thank you!! I’m pleased you did it. I have gotten several since this last one, so I’m going to have to stop. It doesn’t allow me time to read and comment on others I value.

    1. Thank you, Jolie 😊 I’ve enjoyed it!
      I wonder what the ‘chinese’ is saying but 😂 it was the best I found!
      I totally understand you need a break from tags or awards 😉
      Big hug!

  3. David,

    this was very interesting to read; Amsterdam is a great town, particularly, if you like to be entertained 24×7 from old culture to current pop phenomena. Thank you very kindly for the tag; I really appreciate it!!

    Keep your wonderful blog going, as it gives me a great reference for some new exercises, as I’m trying to get my old body back in shape :-)


    1. Thank you, Frank 😊
      Well, I should visit more dutch cities, but as you’ve just said, there is a lot to do/see in Amsterdam. Also, I like it’s not a huge city, almost for pedestrians and bikes 😃
      I’m pleased you want to get back in shape, I’ll keep giving ideas 😋

  4. Hello, Chape! Er….David! Yes, I finally found out your name, along with some fun and interesting things about you. Those were all great questions, and I enjoyed your answers! 😀 Yours is among my favie blogs to check out on a regular basis. 😀 Have an amazing day!

    1. Hi Michaela! I´m flattered, I think that´s one of the most beautiful things a blogger can hear :) Thank you so much for making my day :D
      Have a great Sunday!!
      Big hug, David ;)

      1. Hi David! Sweet! Do you know….it’s a double bonus. Your joyful response has put an added smile into MY day! 😀 So easily shared, isn’t it? Thank you. ❤ I will do my best for today…’s snowing some more outside! And I will be going out and driving in that later. 😀 Thanks for the big hug and right backatcha! ❤ Michaela

      2. Nice! I like to make others smile 😀
        Snowing there, raining here… Where’s the sun? 😥
        Be careful out there 😉

      3. Today we had plenty of sunshine, which added some cheer, in spite of the temperature dropping to a chillier low. 🙂 Yes, thank you.

      4. It´s still grey and raining here, and you don´t want to know the weather forecast, lol

      5. North of Spain, we’re used to this weather 😉 There is a saying: here, rain is art 😊

  5. Hey Chape!
    I have never heard of a tag, not sure how to tag someone! lol :) but I think it is cool you have been nominated and course you tag me to answer these questions to make me work hard today on a Monday, shame on you! lol


  6. I am glad you followed through with answering these questions! It was nice to discover more about you! Hugs for taking the time to share with all of us!😀

  7. I couldn’t agree more. Face and Ari are sooo cute. I’m so with you on politics. I don’t want to be like the ostrich with it’s head in the sand, but so much of what’s out there is so bias, how can you believe in any of it? It’s all corrupt anyway. Love that you took the time. Ciao!

    1. Thank you 😃 I didn’t like politics then, you can’t imagine how much I hate it now, LOL! On the bright side, I have two more cats (I think this post needs an update).
      Big hugs!!

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