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Read First 😉 In terms of training, a workout should focus on a few fundamentals. You’ll want exercises that train each leg individually (aka “unilaterally”), which ensures equal muscle development. Most importantly, you’ll want resistance training moves that’ll hit the major muscles in your posterior chain—like your glutes and your hamstrings—because they produce the most …

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Read First 😉 It’s always tempting to skip leg day, mostly because no one enjoys the DOMS that tends to follow, but no weight training plan is complete without at least one leg-focused workout a week. Turn your legs into mighty tree trunks with this workout. Recommended frequency: 2 times per week. Compact Extended Superset …

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Read First 😉 Specifically designed to include some of the best legs exercises for beginners, this workout has all the necessary building blocks to get you learning proper lifting form, honing better balance, and building strength both unilaterally (single leg) as well as through your entire posterior chain Recommended frequency: 2 times per week. Compact …

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Rest 30 seconds


Rest 40 seconds


Rest 60 seconds


Rest 90 seconds


Rest 120 seconds