Glutes 3

Read First 😉 Grow, lift and firm your booty at home with this super-effective glute workout. Activate your muscles to the max, improve muscle growth and symmetry and target the gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus from every angle! Recommended frequency: 2 times per week. Compact Extended Superset A 5 sets: 8 – 8 – 8 …

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Glutes 2

Read First 😉 Whether your motivation for stronger glutes is to feel more confident in a swimsuit, fit in your jeans again, or feel stronger when running, this workout focuses exclusively on the glutes to give your butt a well-rounded definition. Recommended frequency: 2 times per week. More training isn’t always better. Targeting your glutes …

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Glutes 1

Read First 😉 Beginner glute workout routines can be hard to find. Usually, they’re either too advanced, place more emphasis on the legs than they do the glutes or both. Utilizing exercises that isolate the butt muscles will place the focus back on your backside and help to shape your booty in ways you never …

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leg-acy 2

Read First 😉 In terms of training, a workout should focus on a few fundamentals. You’ll want exercises that train each leg individually (aka “unilaterally”), which ensures equal muscle development. Most importantly, you’ll want resistance training moves that’ll hit the major muscles in your posterior chain—like your glutes and your hamstrings—because they produce the most …

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Rest 30 seconds


Rest 40 seconds


Rest 60 seconds


Rest 90 seconds


Rest 120 seconds