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Swiss ball lower back stretch

This is one of my favorite stretches to do on a Swiss ball. It feels good on your back but also gives your abs, chest, and shoulders a wonderful stretch.

Lie back over the Swiss ball with the ball centered under your thoracic spine.
Allow your back to gently arch over the ball. Reach arms overhead keeping your elbows straight.

Hold this position and enjoy.

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8 comentarios en “Swiss ball lower back stretch

  1. Hey Chape!
    How ya doing sir? 😀
    Lower back stretch eh? what did I tell you about stretches, they aren’t any good! lmao. jk 😀

    1. Hi! I’m great 💪 maybe because I stretch 😜 😂😂
      How about you? News from Fitfluential?
      Hugs, Chape

      1. Chape,
        Haha, pft what is this stretching that you speak of?! I know nothing about it, lol I skip it every time, but only when Chape isn’t looking! otherwise I am on my p’s and q’s !
        Also, have not heard from FitFluential yet, I know they said it could take up to 45 days, I should check my account and see if they left anything.. hmm.

      2. My bad, I forget the waiting periods as you do with stretching 😋😂😂
        Speaking of which, you’re going to love next month exercises 😉

      3. Oh jeez! this can only mean bad news! lol next month, oh no! haha

      4. Hahaha! Very bad news 😂

  2. I do this stretch more often than others. It feels good on my lower back.

    1. It really does! I do it almost every day 😊

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