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Static Lunge

Static Lunge

The static lunge is a powerful exercise to engage your quads and gluteal muscles. It isn’t too far from a forward lunge :) The key difference in the static lunge is that you hold your position. Instead of stepping forward to perform your lunge, stand with one foot forward and the other back, making a triangle with your legs. Without moving your feet, lower your rear leg until your knee almost touches the floor while bending your front leg. Repeat with the other side.

13 thoughts on “Static Lunge

  1. I always thought the static lunge was when I reach for the bathroom doorknob in the middle of the night and get a shock…just kidding. Thanks for sharing.

    1. LOL That’s an unintentional variation :-D Thank you for stopping by ;-)

  2. Nice exercise, David :)
    Have a beautiful weekend!

    1. Thank you, dear! It’s an easy one for you ;-)
      Have a great weekend too!
      Big hug :-)

      1. Hugs back :)

      2. ;-)

  3. I can see how this will exercise muscles otherwise neglected.

    Thank you for the video demonstration.

    1. Great!
      Now, you´re in trouble because there is no excuse :)
      You are welcome, my friend!!

      1. You’re right – no excuse.

      2. You are doomed to a healthy life :D

  4. Thanks for this exercise idea – I will use it for sure!

    1. You are welcome :)

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