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Start Your Fitness New Year’s Resolutions Now or Regret Later On!

Reality of Setting Fitness Goals

That old saying, how there’s no better time to start things than today, couldn’t be more appropriate in the case of fitness resolutions that people tend to set as the New Year approaches. But leaning on one moment soon doesn’t make any real sense if you come to think about it. If we were to get real and completely honest with ourselves, we’d have to admit that we’re only using a particular date as a motivation to start taking better care of our health through fitness that’s currently lacking from our lives.  

But this is also just a comfortable way of delaying what we should have already done by now. If you visit dedicated websites like daily and you set higher New Year’s fitness resolutions, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re also going to’ do it. So why not get ahead of times, and use the present as the perfect time to start our fitness training?

Get a Head Start

Let’s face it, waiting for January 1st to start daily fitness sessions is nothing but procrastination. Even studies have shown that a demoralizingly low number of persons that use this time to set a goal end up doing it. Think about this and your health, and try to set new fitness resolutions for today! This way, on January 1st, you will have already reached a daily fitness routine, and you can use that moment to start improving it.

Develop a Routine, Make a Plan, But Start Small

Yes, we’ve said routine, and even though this word has a negative connotation in day-to-day life, in matters of fitness training, it’s a great thing for your health. And nobody says you have to go big on fitness exercises right from the start. If you set the standards too high, you might get disappointed and feel tempted to drop the whole thing and once again wait for the New Year to put your fitness resolutions into practice.  

So what you should do is to come up with a relatively easy fitness routine, plan it across the entire week, and start doing it bit-by-bit. An excellent way to do this would be by picturing your ideal number of pushups, planks, or abs, cutting it down to half, and start the resulted fitness plan right away.  

The Season Can Steal Your Motivation

Weather plays an essential part in our lives. It is known to influence our mental health and general mood directly. Especially cold seasons can have a pretty negative impact on your motivation. Since it’s so cold outside, you might be less inclined to get out of the house only to go to a fitness gym.

But you shouldn’t let the season interfere with your newly set fitness resolutions. You can work out just as well indoors, and if you tend to get depressed when you look outside the window, simply drop the curtains!

Starting Now Should be Important to You

We really can’t stress enough the importance of “now,” and living in the moment. You must find the mental strength to ignore that comfortable part of your brain telling you that tomorrow is the best time to start. Or that the New Year is the perfect occasion to set your fitness resolutions. It is just our way of deceiving ourselves, usually out of commodity, laziness, or sheer unwillingness. And there’s no better time to start fighting this than now!

Enjoy the Empty Gym

The weather outside also influences the traffic of most fitness gyms directly. Especially during cold, harsh winters, these can be pretty low populated, if not empty. However, you shouldn’t see this as a downside, on the contrary! You should enjoy the fact that you have the entire gym all for yourself. No eyes on you, no waiting in line for one particular fitness machine, no one but you, having all the space and freedom to put your new fitness resolutions into practice.

Find Your Support System

However, if you have the type of personality that doesn’t go well with solitude, or you’re the type that loses motivation quickly when left on your own, that you should find a system to keep you continuously motivated. When it comes to fitness, nothing could be more appropriate than a fellow gym buddy. You can work out together, help one another and most importantly, motivate each other through friendly fitness competition.

And if by any chance you can’t find anybody to go to the gym with you regularly, then you could ask a close friend or a family member to check up on your fitness progress. Alternatively, you could also consider buying a smartwatch or a fitness band, as most of the models out there have advanced fitness features that will monitor not only your progress, but also your health. 

Conclusion: Track Your Progress and Enjoy

In the end, nothing can be more satisfying and rewarding than getting noticeable results and becoming aware of your progress. So, monitor and keep track of your fitness sessions, and it won’t be long before you find yourself surprised by how much you’ve come along. And when this happens, you will no longer need any New Year’s fitness resolutions at all!

Randolph Ray

Randolph Ray

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22 thoughts on “Start Your Fitness New Year’s Resolutions Now or Regret Later On!

  1. A person who begins a fitness program in November and sticks with it through December is bound to be a success.

    1. Totally!!! People usually start in January and the abandonment rate os very high every year. I think starting now is good advice 😅

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  6. I think I read that it takes about 30 days of consistently performing an activity before it becomes a habit? So, if one starts an exercise routine now, even if it’s an easy one, then by January working out should be a habit – a healthy habit!

    1. I think it´s 21 days :D Anyways, you have plenty of time ;)

  7. Good idea to start NOW 🙂

    1. Totally 👌

  8. Perfect timing – a birthday reminder to start my fitness plans for the year! LOL you’re the best Chape – thank you!

    1. Haha! What a coincidence 😁 Happy Birthday Joan 🎂🥳 I’m sure you’ll reach your goals 💪don’t forget to enjoy your fitness journey 😉

      1. Thanks Chape! BTW – I mentioned you here, hope that’s ok?Please let me know if that’s ok… thanks!

      2. Joan, not only it´s ok, it´s an honor! Thank you so much!!

  9. My pleasure David!

    I feel like its tailor made for me. Loving all your posts! XX

      Your words mean the world to me, it´s not so easy to find the right topics :)
      Big hug!!

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