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Standing lateral raises

This is the best exercise for your deltoids. It works mostly the medial head. I usually prescribe routines based around the medial and rear deltoids. The anterior head is involved when we work our chest so, I prefer to let it rest. Obviously, every client is different.

Stand holding your dumbbells at your sides, not in front of your body; elbows relaxed, palms facing your body.

Exhale and slowly raise your elbows up and out to your sides. Your elbows and upper arms should rise together and lead the movement ahead of the forearms and dumbbells. Pause at the top and descend slowly.

Inhale, back to the starting position and repeat.

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Yeah I do this sometimes with book in each hand.


I like to do these with slightly bent elbows to prevent joint wear and angle my wrists approximately 45 degrees to reduce forearm strain. I do multiple sets with different ranges of motion to create fatigue without inducing injury. Lateral raises are a great standard shoulder exercise.

Beach Body Bliss

My delts are a weak link for me lol I’ve been doing these more to help. Great exercise!