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Standing barbell row

Barbell Rows are a full body, compound exercise. They work your upper back, lower back, hips, and arms. They build a stronger, muscular back and bigger biceps. Technique is very important in this lift. The tendency is to increase the curve in the low back during the lifting phase. Engage your abdominals to maintain a normal-to-flat spine through the entire lift.

Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width, with your toes pointed forward.
Squat down to grasp the bar just wider than the knees with either a knuckles forward or palms-forward grip.

Prepare for the lift by keeping the spine in neutral, shoulder blades pulling down and back, chest lifted and head in line with your spine. Your heels should be on the floor.

Exhale. Lift the bar off the floor by simultaneously straightening your hips and knees to a 3/4 upright position where the barbell rests midway on your thigh with your arms straight. Inhale.

Exhale again and slowly pull the bar toward your torso until it touches your abdomen. Maintain a rigid spine without any movement or change in the shape of your back. Keep both feet firmly planted on the floor while maintaining a slight bend in the knees and hips.

Inhale and slowly lower the bar back to the starting position while maintaining your back, hip, knee, and foot position. Keep the shoulder blades squeezing together and the abdominal muscles engaged. Repeat.

At the end of the set, bend the hips and knees to lower the bar to the floor.

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Hey Chape!
How is it going, I remember that you were living at some new place in Spain that you mentioned some time ago. Still there? And your YouTube channel, is it growing?


I do this exercise many times at the gym, that is also cool that you own your own barbell, they can be pricey πŸ™‚
Good exercise choice to talk about.