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Standing Alternate Dumbbell Row

Standing Alternate Dumbbell Row

Stand with your feet parallel about hip-width apart while holding dumbbells in your hands with palms facing inwards. Bend your knees slightly. Bring your torso forward by bending at the waist, keeping your back straight until it is almost parallel to the floor.

The dumbbells should hang directly in front of you as your arms hang perpendicular to the floor and your torso. This is your starting position.
While keeping the torso straight, exhale and lift one dumbbell to your side, keeping your elbow close to your body. The other arm should remain extended.
Inhale and slowly lower the dumbbell as you lift the other dumbbell to your side.
WARNING: This exercise is not recommended for people with back problems!

4 thoughts on “Standing Alternate Dumbbell Row

  1. Doing this will make starting one of those manual ignition petrol lawnmowers a breeze.

    1. Hahaha true!

  2. Chape, I see that you visit my blog occasionally. So I’m coming over to say thanks for the likes you leave me. Exercise? I live with a family of great exercisers and healthy eaters. I’m not great at either. I certainly admire the discipline exercised by exercisers! As I said before, thanks for visiting and leaving me some likes.

    1. Dear, thank you for stopping by :)
      I like your writing, it´s descriptive and expressive. I´ll drop wome more likes soon :D
      Big hug!

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