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Stability ball hip crossover

The stability ball hip crossover increases rotational strength of the midsection. The exercise targets the core, hips, and lower back while also improving balance and stability.

Lie flat on back with arms outstretched to your sides. Bend your knees to 90 degrees and prop your lower legs on the ball.

Exhale and gently roll your legs to one side in a controlled manner. Pause, and then slowly roll to the opposite side as you inhale. Repeat.

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Gonna try this one out. Thanks for sharing.


I have horrible at stability ball exercises. LOL. I am not sure why, maybe because all of them have something to do with balance (which over time I have lost a lot of). Something as simple as this, I could not have done as smoothly as you! great job!


Harry...the Man!

I don’t have a ball myself, but I’m gonna try this when I next get to use one.

Thank you.

Roos Ruse

Great post! I learned this exercise in physical therapy after tearing tendons in my lumbar region (also have several bulging disks). I’m no spring chicken either. But this is a great advanced level exercise especially for people who suffer low back pain. Correct body posture is vitally important, breathing and starting slow with just a few reps to begin with, then adding more each day. Bam! Oh wait! Y’all saw the video. Excuse the rant. :>

Roos Ruse

You’re fine. It’s an old (bad) movie line.