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Slim down

Good morning, wonderful people!

Are you looking for losing the last pounds? Don´t look further! This challenge is for you 🙂

Designed for beginners, it´s a circuit training with basic, simple and effective exercises.

Only need 15-25 minutes and a pair of dumbbells.

I´ll be happy if you decide to join 🙂 All you have to do is Add to calendar. There is only one event: “It´s up to you”. From this event, you can access to all the challenges, set your own reminders, and work out when and where you want. It´s free and not even your email is required.

Also, if you can show some love to this tweet 🙂



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Burning calories is always a good move. Would you mind giving me some pointer on my new short story, *blue jasmine* we’d realm appreciate your comments and feedback Blue Jasmine


Noticed you start following me and I’m so honored to made your list of ‘beautiful people’.
I don’t need to slim down, I have to gain wait.
A big fan of Billy Blanks and also of the Paleo lifestyle.
Working at my main site and as soon as I finished, I will add a link to your blog 😉
Have lovely day dear neighbor at this planet, kind regards, Patty


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