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Single Leg Glute Bridge

Single Leg Glute Bridge

Glute stability is vital in preventing lower limb injuries: Single leg glute bridge is one way to do this, while toning.

Lie on the floor or an exercise mat with your arms straight at your sides. Fold one leg holding the other straight.

Exhale and simultaneously, lift the pelvis and the straight leg.

Inhale and slowly return to starting position. Complete all the repetitions for one set and change legs.

10 thoughts on “Single Leg Glute Bridge

  1. Love this move! The burn is so good!

    1. Thank you :-) What can I say? Enjoy!! 😊

  2. Chape,
    Your Icon seemed to have changed, it confused me at first Mr! lol. uhm
    Also, I have never done the single leg version, but the standard version helps with stretching out my hip flexors; which is necessary because I ALWAYS have tight hips! ugh

    1. Shay-lon, you´re always the first realize the changes :) I´ve just seen too many dumbbells, I had to try something different, for my sanity (jk).
      Now, seriously, I´m terrible at it, but I enjoy photoshoping (is that a thing?). Also, I hired a designer once and I got a dumbbell so, wtf :D
      About the exercise, works your core balance (A LOT). I have tight hips too, but they impreved a lot doing… wait for it… lol… Yoga ;)

      1. Chape,
        I think I visit your page too often, even when I don’t leave a comment, I leave my grace! haha. I visit your page without you even knowing, often. The new emblem is quite different, I don’t hate it though, definitely will help you stand out among us all. Yes, it does work the core well too. WHAT IS WITH EVERYONE DOING YOGA!?!! I have heard the word yoga like 10 rimes today, this is getting crazy!!! lmfao

      2. Nah! Never is too often LOL
        And I will play the language card, what do you mean you don´t hate it?!?!? (jk) You´ll love it sooner or later ;)
        YOGA, my friend, was the new cool thing like two years ago! Where do you think the yoga pants fever come from? lol
        The best thing with yoga is IT WORKS. No matter what your problem or goal is, it works. Just go and try one class ;)
        13 times and counting, hahahahaha

      3. Hahahahahaah! “never is too often” LOL
        it reminds me of the breast cancer awareness symbol, which is one reason I do like it.
        Ugh, everyone I know at the gym wears yoga pants, they are the hip new thing.. I even fell into the trap of wearing them! haha

      4. I´ve just googled it, and you have your point :)
        Well, as you well know, the yoga pants are the other cool thing about yoga, lol

  3. Your first sentence is spot on! You had me at glute stability! Lol. I actually injured myself a couple years ago bc of that and core weakness. Still working up to the single leg version of this :))

    1. Hehe, we all have weak points :)
      This worked wonders on my tight hips, trying to keep both at the same level :D

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