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Single arm forearm plank

Single Arm Forearm Plank

Time to work our core with an easy plank variation.

Lay down on the floor with your belly to the ground. Align your elbows directly below the shoulders and ground the toes into the floor. Lift your body up and align your butt, upper back and head in a straight line. Keep a neutral neck and spine.

Keep your head facing down, and extend one arm. Hold the position as long as you can, without shifting your hips.

Switch arms.

4 thoughts on “Single arm forearm plank

  1. Oh, esto parece divertido! ¿También puede esto ayudar uno desarrolla la habilidad hacer push-ups con un brazo?

    1. Es divertido, pero no te va a ayudar con las push ups con un brazo. Dumbbell chest press does help ;)

      1. Oh thank you, I shall look into that!

      2. You are welcome ;-)

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