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Seated Medicine Ball Trunk Rotations

Hello, dears!

Have you missed my exercises? I hope so 🙂

This is a good and easy exercise for beginners who want to tone their abs. If you haven´t a medicine ball, use a light dumbbell or any other object. 2-3 kgs should be enough.
Sit on your mat with your knees slightly bent, feet together, and heels on the floor. Sit as tall as possible. If you have tightness in your back and legs, sit on a cushion or a rolled mat in order to lift your hips and help facilitate a straighter spine. Hold the medicine ball close to your body between your navel and your rib cage. Use your breath to help engage the muscles of your core.
Exhale and slowly rotate your torso to one side. The ball should stay in place through the entire exercise. Do not allow the ball to drop toward the floor. Pause briefly at the end of the twist, inhale and then gently exhale while rotating completely to the opposite side. Repeat the movement back and forth.

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This is a simple exercise yet you reap the benefits! Thanks for sharing.

Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet

Simple but effective 🙂

Tikeetha T

I like this one. Sharing.


I think even I could do this one. Thank you!


CHAPE!! You know better! you need to stop sharing these amazing exercises before my blog goes out of business lol. 😉
I actually had not heard of this exercise; so this was good and yet new to me! very simple and like you, I enjoy simple (less explaining, less complaints and beneficial for anyone looking to strengthen their core) which is a necessity in my opinion (a strong core can do wonders). Good job Chape! way to make everyone smile today! I am sure all your followers will be starting this exercise up (including myself). Do you think it would be as beneficial with no equipment? I gave my youngest sibling my dumbbells ( I don’t have any exercise equipment now) So I am taking it paycheck by paycheck to invest in equipment, small steps at a time. LOL.



This is great, going to start it with my arm exercises, which are looking great by the way, Thank you for always having a simple little trick up your sleeve !! You rock


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