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Reverse Crunch

Reverse Crunch

The Reverse Crunch is the opposite movement of a Sit-up, which means: we will approach our pelvis to our breastbone contracting the abdominal muscles. This exercise strengthens your abs and causes less strain on your back and neck than a regular crunch.

Lie on your back and extend your arms out to the side. Raise your knees and feet so they create a 90-degree angle.

Exhale and contract your abs lifting your hips off the floor with control; your knees will move toward your head. Try to keep your knees at a right angle.

Inhale and slowly return to starting position. Don´t swing your legs up and down. Focus on your abs and try to lift your hips off the ground.


18 thoughts on “Reverse Crunch

  1. Good exercise :) I’ll incorporate this into my workout regime this week!

    1. Honestly, you will hate it. But it´s a good and effective one :)
      Big hug, David

      1. I’m sure I will…but still giving it a go. I’ll let you know if I can manage more than 3 ;) Hugs back!

      2. Here is an ancient secret: rest and repeat as you need to do 15 ;)

  2. That’d be great if I could do it 😁😁

    1. Maybe you will find it hard the first week or so… :D
      Then you´ll get stronger and the exercise easier ;)
      Give it a try!
      Big hug, David

      1. Thank you so much David!! Hugs back at you..

      2. Thank you, dear!
        But you owe me some crunches… it´s not that easy :D

      3. Hehehehe.. For sure 😁😅😅

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    1. Thank you :)

  4. I’ve never seen this exercise before! I shall have to try it tomorrow morning.

    1. Cool :) Let me know how you feel the next morning ;)

  5. A wonderful ab exercise. Very effective. I like to work low back on days I do abs to keep opposing muscles balanced and strong. This also reduces the chances for back injuries.

    1. Thank you :)
      Me too. But I´m injuried, I hope you are not :)
      This exercise was my very best friend after my injury!
      Big hug, David

  6. Reblogged this on lifexperimentblog and commented:
    As most of you know, I’ve had such a difficult time managing the weight loss myself…so I called in the BIG GUNS! David, from Chape has been helping me so much! Seriously, this guy is AWESOME! So I wanted to share one of his exercises that continues to baffle me. It’s a good one, for sure..but I still can’t get up to 15! Give it a try!

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