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Resistance Bands Preacher Curls

There is an easy way to imitate a preacher curl with resistance bands. You shouldn´t skip preacher curls if you want big biceps.

Anchor the band at the bottom of the door, and sit on your mat, away from the door.

Grab one handle with each hand, and bend your knees 90 degrees. Place your elbows on your shins, keeping your spine straight.

Exhale. Bend your elbows, raising your hands toward the front of your shoulders in a slow and controlled manner. Keep your spine straight and the wrists in neutral position. Do not allow the shoulders to shrug, the back to arch or sway or the elbows to move forward throughout the movement.

Inhale. Straighten the elbows and lower your hands back to your start position.

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Howdy, hope all is good with you and wanted to say thank you for the positive vibes you show me on my facebook page and twitter, I do appreciate it 🙂
Also, the name of this exercise always cracks me up, lol. I had to look it up when I did it with the straight bar, but nonetheless, I do like this exercise, but haven’t yet used resistance bands for it.