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Resistance Band Standing Row

Resistance Band Standing Row

Time to work our lats with resistance bands.
Anchor the band at the bottom of the door. Facing the door, grip a handle in each hand and stand 3 to 4 feet away from it. Feet with a wide stance, bend your knees and keep your back and head straight, your chest up, and shoulders backward. Your arms should be straight and pointed up towards the door anchor.
Exhale, gently contract your lats, squeeze your shoulder blades together, and pull the handles back until your hands are right below your chest.
Inhale and gently return to the starting position. Repeat.

6 thoughts on “Resistance Band Standing Row

  1. I have done the standing row, not with resistance bands ( I know, I know, I still have to get them) lol but with the cables and smith machine. I like doing rows, they are always a go to exercise of mine in many of my workouts.

    1. Hahaha! You need bands, I need Holidays… The world is just unfair 😂
      Cables and smith… Wt… You’re missing all the fun!! Dumbbells and bars!!
      Big hugs, Chape

      1. Hahaha! You don’t need any Holidays, you need no more breaks either :D you just need to keep up the videos and make us proud!
        DBs and Bars, boo! lmao jk

      2. LOL! You sound like a Spanish boss! Holidays? breaks? what´s that? Hahaha!

      3. I am a Spanish boss! 😀 lmao. Duh! jeez, catch up Chape, everyone knows this already! haha

      4. Hahahaha!! My bad, Boss!!! 😂😂😂

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