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Resistance band bicycle crunch

The bicycle crunch is an excellent exercise for building core strength and toning your thighs. It’s an easy move to complete, and you can make it tougher adding a resistance band to the equation.

Anchor the band at the bottom of the door. Attach each end of the band to an ankle strap, and lie on your back. Move far enough away from the door so that the band starts to stretch. Place your hands behind your head.

Gently exhale and begin your movement by simultaneously:

Contracting the abdominals to curl your head and shoulders off the mat.

Bringing your right knee in toward your right armpit and allowing the knee to bend to a deeper angle.

Straightening your left leg toward the door while keeping it elevated off the floor, higher than your hip.

Rotating your torso slowly to bring your left elbow toward your right knee. This movement will press your low back into the floor / mat.

Continue moving until your elbow touches or comes close to touching the opposite knee. Hold this up-position briefly for 1 – 2 seconds then inhale as you slowly return to your starting position and repeat the movement to the opposite side.

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Great idea, I’m definitely going to give this a try!

Nam H Nguyen

Need to get back into fitness and this doesn’t look too bad!

BloggerByBelief |BCube|

Good workout suggestion. I’ve shared it in my social media circles.


I love the bands and don’t use them enough any more! This is a great exercise and reminder! bicycle band abs here I come! Good morning!


Hello, hello! how are you doing buddy, just came by to chat it up a bit with ya and see how things were going? I always feel the need to stop by your wonderful page because you normally have an exercise I give a try at the gym when I go or a motivational quote to keep my hopes up!