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Pull Up

Pull Up

To perform a pull-up, you need a safe place :) If you have not a bar, be creative… and be careful! Grab with the palms facing forward. Your hands at a distance wider than your shoulder width.
Extend both arms as you inhale. This is your starting position.
Exhale, contract your lats and pull your torso up by drawing the shoulders and the upper arms down and back. The forearms should do not work.
Inhale and slowly back to the starting position when your arms are extended and your lats stretched.



14 thoughts on “Pull Up

  1. Great traditional back exercise. Super for developing that wonderful “V” shape. A must part of anyone works out!
    Great exercise to share.

    1. Thank you :)

  2. I think it’s quite rare for a girl to be able to do a pull up, but boy I want to! x

    1. Not at all :) It depends on the reason which leads the girl to the exercise. Male or female, if you have some extra pounds, it´s difficult. Also it depends on each individual, some lats are weaker than others. I´ll post soon tips for beginners.
      Big hug, David

  3. ♡♥♡:-D

  4. One of my new goals is to be able to do pull ups! Working hard towards it!

    1. it’s a good goal. I’m sure you’ll achieve it, only requires practice :-)

  5. Those, I cannot do because my joints are stiff and my fingers no longer curl well enough to support my weight, so is there something else? I do push ups rather well, (the straight legged kind) so would that be good enough?

    1. Easy :) You need a resistance band. Tied to the couch, wardrobe, or something heavy, lying face down on your mat at a proper distance (it depends on band´s resistance and length), grab the ends of the band, and contract your lats, bringing your elbows to your waist.
      Big hug, David

      1. It took me a sec to visualize that, but I got it. Thanks

      2. You are welcome!
        Don´t worry, I´ll show you soon :)

  6. This is the exercise that got me dreaming as a kid. I just need to find a suitable place. The door frames at home are no good.

    1. Forget pipes too :)

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