When I discovered Evernote back in 2014 saw it crystal clear. Evernote is a game-changer for fitness.

For decades, we have been using paper notebooks to track clients´ workouts and diets.

Thanks to Evernote we can do that and much more,

including video exercises, recipes, track any habit you need to take care of,

and contact your client anytime, via work chat.

In addition, your notes will always be located and available on all your devices.

Evernote is chosen year after year as one of the best productivity apps on the market.

224 million users worldwide can not be wrong:

Fully customizable, Evernote helps them achieve their personal and professional goals.

Evernote is perfect to help you manage your fitness business, keeping everything organized in one place.


Module 1: Your Evernote account

1.1 Evernote account information and settings

1.2 Security Summary

1.3 Evernote´s 3 laws of data protection

Module 2: Interfaces & shortcuts

2.1 Web

2.2 Desktop

2.3 Mobile

2.4 Keyboard shortcuts

Module 3: The ABC

3.1 Notes

3.2 Save emails into notes

3.3 Web Clipper

3.4 Images inside a note

3.5 Tables

3.6 Go Paperless

3.7 Create and use Templates

Module 4: Organizing

4.1 Notebooks and stacks

4.2 Organize your notebooks

4.3 Tags

4.4 Organize your tags

4.5 Search Features 

Module 5: Useful features

5.1 Tasks and reminders

5.2 Table of contents

5.3 Merge notes

5.4 Back up and restore notes and notebooks

Module 6: Sharing & collaborating

6.1 Sharing notes

6.2 Work Chat

Module 7: Integrations

7.1 Evernote App Center

7.2 Zapier

7.3 Google Drive


7.5 Slack

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