30-Day Meal Plan

This service is ideal for someone who wants a meal plan for ease of meal prep and/or general health reasons. It is not ideal for persons seeking to lose more than a few pounds or people looking for performance improvements.
A meal plan is ideal for someone who understands the importance of nutrition and already makes good nutrition sources but needs help dialing the process in. A meal plan provides a customized schedule for calories, macronutrients, and meals.
With certifications in fitness nutrition, sports nutrition, and other areas, as well as years of experience helping persons learn the ins and outs of nutrition, I can create a plan to help you meet your goals.

How it

Initial Test
To get to know you better: Health test, eating habits...
Exclusive Notebooks
Recipes, fitness articles, and more resources.
Custom Meal Plan
I´ll maximize your results fitting your macros.
Weekly Coaching Sessions
Always available to answer your questions and provide support, advice and motivation
Weekly Check-Ins
Checking your weekly results and progress, we´ll make the necessary adjustments at the right time


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Custom Meal Plan (30-days) – Only 99,90€

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