Custom Training & Meal Plan for Women



Custom Training Plan for Women (30 days)

The DEFINITIVE strategy to achieve amazing results faster than you imagine possible … 100% personalized diet and training plan…

If you have ever felt frustrated with your results or simply confused about what to do, this is exactly what you have been looking for.

Whether you want to get an athletic body, improve your athletic performance or lose body fat, what you need is a specific training routine that suits your abilities and objectives.

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Hello! I am David Neira, personal trainer certified by the IFBB and nutritionist.

If you are looking for an advantage, something extra that can help you achieve the results you deserve and want as soon as possible, I will not disappoint you.

Keep reading to discover What I consider to be the DEFINITIVE strategy to obtain spectacular results in record time.

I am talking about the kind of surprising results that your friends and acquaintances will tell you how good you look and ask how you got in such good shape so quickly.

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The key to success is really quite simple when you think about it.

Look at any field where a sexy and toned body is the key to success … They could be professional athletes, actresses, models, or many other professions.

Now ask yourself, what do the best ones have in common?

A coach or mentor.

In fact, most have several coaches, physiotherapists… and pay a fortune to get the professional training they need to reach their potential at the highest level. They know that their investment in themselves will accelerate their success.


  1. You do not need to be a professional athlete, model or actress to benefit from a trainer.
  2. You do not need any natural ability or great genetics.
  3. Most people only they need someone to guide them in the right direction.

And that is the DIFFERENCE between spectacular results and mediocre results.

You have been crushing exercising and following a strict diet and, nevertheless, you have not reached your goals and you have felt frustrated. I see this constantly in new clients.

Here is where a coach comes in…

Often, it only takes a little adjustment to get back on track, to impressive achievements, something that only an expert coach would recognize. Coaches also help you go through periods of stagnation so you do not lose weeks, months or years for lack of progress.

As a child and also during adolescence, I was so skinny that I was in danger of hurting myself. It was embarrassing and it made me feel insecure with myself and with my body.

I started lifting weights with 17 years, back in 1995! I knew it was about my diet and training, but I had no idea how to fix it. I tried different workouts that I found in magazines and I wasted a mountain of money on supplements I did not know anything about. Looking back, I would have given anything to have a coach. A good coach would have saved me a lot of time, hassles and frustrations. And I would have succeeded faster and saved me a lot of money!

Until I decided to study and prepare to become a personal trainer. One of the most important lessons I learned is this: NOT any training produces the results it promises. Not even the magazines, “endorsed” by celebrities. And almost always end in frustration, injury, or both. Each person is different and needs a specific training plan and diet, suitable for each one, depending on their level of experience, physical form, schedule…

When I finally discovered exactly what nutrition and training plan was right for me, I began to see drastic changes in the mirror that I never thought possible. My physical appearance changed quickly because, at last, I had discovered the secrets to transform my human. This completely changed all aspects of my life for the better.

If you take this as seriously as I think, I would like to be your coach. I am 100% sure that I can help you achieve your goals faster than you think. Why would you spend years to achieve that spectacular transformation?

You do not need to be a professional athlete or celebrity for me to be your personal trainer Even better, it will not cost you a fortune. In fact, I think you’ll be surprised at how affordable I’ve done this for anyone serious enough to START TODAY!

No matter what your goal is, using scientifically proven training methods and nutrition guidelines, I’ll design personalized training and diet plans that will help you achieve your goals quickly.

If you are a “skinny” woman looking to gain muscle, a woman who has trouble getting rid of those last few pounds of fat, a woman who is overweight and trying to burn fat…

Trust an experienced personal trainer to design a effective and safe training plan that will help you get the body you’ve always dreamed of.

Do not waste more time with workouts that are not suitable for you, let yourself be guided by a experienced professional and concentrate on giving the best of yourself in each workout.

How it works

We will use Evernote as your Training & Diet Diary, with which we will control all your workouts and meals.
If you are not yet an Evernote user, you can create your account (totally FREE), following this link.
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To design your training routine and your diet, I need to know you better.
Therefore, I will ask you about your sports history, injuries, eating habits, etc.
Do not worry, all your answers are confidential and I will not share this information with anyone else.
Your privacy comes first.
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Based on your answers, I will design a training plan specifically adapted to your needs and objectives.
I will also help you throughout the process to do the training correctly.
You have heard many times that the diet is basic.
You will have a personalized diet, taking into account your favorite foods and without forcing you to eat things that you do not like.
I have a large collection of healthy recipes among which you can choose from.
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At the moment you have any questions or you want to ask me something, I am always available in the Evernote private chat to provide advice, motivation and support.
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We will check your results and progress weekly, making the necessary adjustments in the training plan to achieve your objectives in the shortest possible time.
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No. You can train at home with the equipment you have available.

No. Drastic changes do not work in the long term. I will correct your bad food habits (if you have them) and I will teach you how to eat correctly to prevent you from gaining weight in the future.

No. If you are a beginner, we will start at the beginning, with simple but effective exercises and we will progress at your own pace.

Unleash your full potential:

  • Get your dreamed flat stomach.
  • Toned arms.
  • Sculpted legs that other women will envy.
  • An impressive bum that will cause heart attacks

Custom Training & Meal Plan for Women (30-days) – Only 297,00€