Personal trainer

“I coach people to overcome obstacles

standing between them and their fitness goals”

David Chape Neira

Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

Age: 43 (and counting)

Occupation: Personal trainer & Nutritionist

Status: Single (3 fur kids)

Location: Pobra do Caramiñal, Spain

Professional background:

  • Degree in Sport and Exercise Science, Madrid University
  • Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Madrid University
  • IFBB Personal Trainer
  • TRX Trainer
  • ACE Instructor

Expertise: Fat loss, muscle gain, body transformation

“I´ve been helping create healthy changes in people´s lives for over 20 years”

My own fitness journey

Dealing with asthma and allergies, I started playing basketball when I was 7 years old. Being the shortest, slowest, and weakest player on the team, I learned that it was not necessary to be the best to enjoy sports, camaraderie, and friendship.

I also learned to value progress as an essential part of life and personal growth.

Ten years later, I started lifting weights, and my trainer at the time encouraged me to become a trainer myself. And so I did.

As a genetically non-gifted athlete, I can tell you it is possible to achieve your dream body. The secret is “Dream big, and work for it” Story

When the 2008 crisis hit Spain, many clients and friends had to move all over the world for a living. I started then exploring the possibilities of online training, and that´s how Chape Fitness was born.

Since then, I had the chance to help people around the world, work with dream brands such as Nike and Jordan, win a few blogging awards, and even write for cool magazines such as GQ, Cosmopolitan, and Marie Claire.

Keeping it simple

I´m a big believer in the power of keeping it simple. No crazy workouts or starving fad diets.

You got a project, a vision of the desired body. My work is to make your journey as simple as possible to arrive at your destination.

Are you ready to create a healthy and exciting life?

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