New study: Effects of energy drinks

New study: Effects of Energy Drinks

There is a new study on the effects of energy drinks and the conclusion is not good news. Peveler, WW, Sanders, GJ, Marczinski, CA, and Holmer, B. have been published their study to determine the effect of 3 different energy drinks on cardiovascular and performance measures. It is important to recognize the difference between these new products and traditional soft drinks such as coffee, tea, sports drinks (such as Gatorade), sodas, juices, or flavored water.

“Fifteen recreational runners completed 5 trials. The first trial consisted of a graded exercise protocol. The 4 remaining trials consisted of 15-minute economy trials at a treadmill. An hour before subjects ingested 1 of the 3 energy drinks or a placebo. HR, BP, VO2, and rating of perceived exertion (RPE) were recorded during the 15-minute trial.

Fifteen-minute systolic BP readings were significantly lower in the placebo trials in relation to the 3 energy drink trials.

  • There were no significant differences in diastolic BP and HR.
  • There were no significant differences found in VO2 or RPE measures.
  • The findings show no performance benefits under the conditions of this study.
  • However, there does appear to be a significant increase in systolic BP.”

Translated, performance is not a reason to drink energy drinks. Caffeine and taurine will not enhance your performance. Your heart will beat faster and this may induce you to think you´re performing better. False impression.

Actually, if you take a look at a previous study (John P. Higgins, Santi Yarlagadda, and Benjamin Yang. Cardiovascular Complications of Energy Drinks), there is no reason at all to drink these beverages. This study concludes that energy drinks are “associated with complications not only patients with underlying cardiovascular conditions but also in young people.”

It would be a disaster if doing sports, trying to perform better, you get serious health issues because of a bad choice. Choose traditional: water, juices, sports drinks, and enjoy the process of a healthy living.


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  1. Ever since they came out I’ve always gotten a bad vibe from them, like something just isn’t right. I used to partake in a green Monster once a month or so but it’s been years.

    I do take issue with the notion that caffeine doesn’t improve performance though. Science has clearly shown it has. Taurine may not, and energy drinks are obviously crap, but caffeine was made in Heaven. By angels.

    1. I gave Red Bull a chance at first, but my stomach couldn´t handle it and I didn´t like its taste either. So my romance with energy drinks ended pretty soon :)
      Let me say that the study finds the mix caffeine-taurine useless for performance. It doesn´t say anything about taking one or another separately.
      Taurine is an antioxidant involved in the transmission of nerve impulse, the processes of the immune system, the inhibition of the oxidation of fats and is a key element in sugar metabolism.
      Caffeine also looks esential, specially in the mornings :D
      Big hugs!

      1. That was the distinction I was looking for – the addition of taurine does not increase performance. ;)

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