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Multipurpose pool

A swimming pool is not only for swimming. We can perform several exercises into the water with great benefits. But it is not as simple as pay the ticket and swim. According to our injuries or goals, some exercises are recommended while others are forbidden.

Water offers more resistance than air. At the same time, compress our joints and push up our body, feeling lighter (we don´t lose weight, but it feels like it for our joints).

Walking in the swimming pool is a great exercise to lose weight. Do your joints hurt when walking or running, but you need to lose weight? Try to walk in the swimming pool, instead your “dry” walkings and let me know 🙂

I found this video where a friendly chiropractic explains some exercises targeting our low back. The best thing we can do if we have an injury is approach and explain it to the monitor/trainer/coach. Ask! Usually, we don´t bite 🙂

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Great post. This is exactly what I need. Why didn’t my Doc suggest this when I asked him? Thank you for sharing this. Now, I can gradually take back my life and not feel so helpless.


The great thing about swimming, for me at least, is that it’s a fun way to exercise. I’m not exactly a star swimmer, but I manage to stay afloat and I enjoy doing it. I’ve never tried actual exercises in the pool before but it’s something I should try.

Mary Job

Ooh I have to try this. I just mentioned last night I need to learn how to swim. Haha. I can only float on water and even when I do, I can stand up once I float… not funny.


[…] you so much for your inspiration, questions, and support. Here are some exercises that are waiting for you […]

New Journey

thanks…I have terrible arthritis in my joints and I love the pool….any information is always helpful…..and I can tell you that I can do all sorts of wonderful leg exercises in the pool without pain that I can no longer do on land…..kat


Thanks for posting this. Too bad I can’t swim. Have never learned