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Mliae´s Week 3 update

I have to say that I am very proud of this girl.  After a mentally tough week with the weight fluctuations and despite all the stress, she continues doing her workouts and adjusting to the diet and we begin to see results, we lose body fat and we gain lean muscle.

The least known part of personal training is that sometimes we have to act as therapists and focus more on the mental aspects of the client rather than on diet or exercise. I know that everyone wants to do a week of diet and exercise and see instant results, but that just does not work that way. And we have to take the time to explain and make them understand it.

This week has been hard for her, even suffering from migraines she has managed to keep training and maintain her diet.

Please be nice and leave a spirited comment on her blog.

via Flabby-Assed to Fabulous with Chape! Week 3 Update

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Todd Spaulding

That’s an awesome thing to witness, the resilience of others and to help someone realize that they have the tenacity to get through life and their workout!

Josh Gross | The Jaguar

Mliae’s persistence is downright inspiring. I’ll have to head to her blog and read more about her journey.


Wow, thanks for your kind words and all the inspiration from your comment feed! You are a great therapist, as well as trainer 😉 Keep the motivation coming & I’ll keep persisting! Hugs! 😀


Hi Dave I’ve nominated you for an award due to your amazing content. Please continue to post more about your clients and your own life, it’s great inspiration. Thank you again!

Doctor Jonathan

The mental/emotional component to health (and weight control) is equally important to diet and exercise. If we are out of balance emotionally, it is usually just a matter of time until the physical ramifications are experienced (namely falling back to old patterns of eating and missing days of exercise.)


Good for her. I am sure you will keep her well motivated.