Light month

Hello, dears.

Last week my mother underwent surgery and I was with her all week in the hospital. Everything went well but, as you will understand, she will need my help the next few weeks.

Also, since I appeared in the media, I have many new clients and a couple of big projects came up. So, I will need the next couple of weeks to reschedule and organize. This means that I will post just once per week this month until I get everything in place.

Best, David

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    1. Thanks, Josh!! She´s getting better ;)
      And yes, the media attention was really helpful :D

  1. Hello David, hope your mum continues to heal well and that you can balance life and work!! You are a hard worker and I’m glad things are going well on the professional front for you. Take care!

    1. Thank you so much, Dorothea 😊 She is getting better every day, and I will find balance sooner or later 😉 Hopefully sooner 😅Big hugs!!!

  2. Hi dear David,
    Was stopping by to check up with you and asked about your mother. Glad to hear surgery went well ! All the best for her and a full, hopefully easy, recovery. In thoughts with you both. Big hugs! XxX

    1. Thank you so much, Patty!!! We’re doing well, getting better every day 😉 Big hugs!! 😘

  3. Sorry to hear about your mom. May she get back to her fighting self. And congrats on the exciting things going on in your biz.

  4. Hello Chape

    My heartfelt thanks to you for following my blog, and for all the likes & comments!And hope we continue to grow and support each other in this journey!

    Also, my blog A Wayward Scribbles reached the milestone of 500+ followers last month and I thought why not celebrate it!

    So, I’m very excited to personally invite you to my blog party(23 May, 2018), since you’re one of those amazing blogger who chose to follow my blog and I would love to show my gratitude!

    See you at the party!

    1. Congrats on your milestone, Nathi!!! 🎉🎉
      Thanks for the invitation, I will be there 😉💯
      Big hugs!!!

  5. I am sorry to read that your mom needed surgery and hope she is completely better David. And big congrats on being in the media and all those projects- it’s good to be busy 🙂 great work David!!! 🙂

    1. Thank you Joan! My mom is much better now 😃👌
      Also, I love being busy with these kind of projects, I will post about them really soon because they are almost ready 😉
      Big hugs!!!

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