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Knees to the chest and roll

Knees to the chest and roll

This is an excellent exercise to massage and treat with care our lower back.

Pull the knees up towards the chest and stretch the hips and lower back. The lumbar spinal area is pressed into the floor. Roll up and down and from side to side upon the lower back. This loosens into the hip joint and massages and stimulates the lower back.

The hardness and firmness of the floor are important and should be used to press into stiff, tight areas. The back may crunch and snap :)


21 thoughts on “Knees to the chest and roll

  1. Let me try…😉

    1. You should :) It´s awesome!

      1. ha.. i used to six months back, there after had a neck pain.. so stopped..;)

      2. oh, I hope it was not serious. Are you recovered?

      3. no severe pain.. but still not fully recovered..

      4. Sorry to hear that :( I wish you a fully recovery soon :)

      5. thank you…:)

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    1. Thank you :)

      1. You’re welcome:)

      2. :)

  3. Thanks that feels so good!

    1. It´s my fav, but don´t tell :)

  4. Great exercices… I will definitely try these ones… All the best to you!, Aquileana :D

    1. I´m sorry, my phone has funny things…
      Thank you :) Have you got a back injury (too)? My best wishes and a big hug, David

      1. Not really, but a tired back instead…. Hence, I think they might help… Best to you. Aquileana 😀

      2. The next few exercises will be stretches and some abs :) I hope they´ll help you :)

      3. Indeed… Thanks for letting me know 😉🌟

      4. You are very welcome :)

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