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Kneeling Hip-flexor Stretch

Your hip flexors are located on your upper thighs just below your hipbones. These muscles allow you to bend at the waist and to lift your knees. Stretching your hip flexors prevents both hip and lower back pain.

From a kneeling position, bring the left foot forward making sure that the left knee is over the ankle and the hip is bent about 90 degrees. Place both hands gently on the left thigh to help maintain a straight, tall spine.

Pull your shoulders blades down and back. Engage your abs to brace your spine. Keep your pelvis stable. (Do not allow one side to shift higher or lower than the other side). Lean forward into your left hip while keeping your right knee pressed into the ground.

Hold the stretch position. Complete on one side before alternating to the other hip.

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20 comentarios en “Kneeling Hip-flexor Stretch

  1. Chape,
    You are now showing stretches! lol. good for you buddy! I like it.


    1. Lol Don’t tell me you don’t stretch :-P
      Hugs :-D

      1. Haha I do when I have my client and I don’t when I am alone because I have bad habits :/

      2. Hahaha! I won’t give you a rant, but you deserve it 😊

      3. Bring it on!!! haha

      4. Hahaha!!! Well then.
        I bet you already know the theory, benefits, and importance of stretching. Also, you want to lead with the example, and show your clients how flexible you are, and how much do you enjoy it. Muscle or Flexibility, all gains take daily effort and practice. Start today, and you won’t regret tomorrow :-P

      5. Haha! yes, yes! I know I should lead by example, i suppose tomorrow I will try to remember to stretch when I wake up in the morning :D
        I like your clever quote toward the end :D

      6. You will try to remember, lol what is that suposed to mean?

      7. LOL I probably won’t stretch tomorrow! hahaha

      8. Hahaha, honesty is over rated 😫

      9. LOL. okay! I will stretch tomorrow Chape ;p

      10. Great!! LOL!!

      11. LOL I didn’t stretch today Chape :/ lol. but I did a warmup :)

      12. Hahaha! Stop the press!! Shay-lon did a warmup :D
        Don´t be lazy and stretch a little at home :p

      13. Hahaha! lol okay :) I suppose I could stretch while I am here at home. Hm.

        Flexibility is key :)

      14. Ha! I can´t believe it´d be so easy :D Good for me LOL
        Enjoy ;)

      15. Hahaha! pft! LOL
        Won’t be so easy next time Chape, not next time :P

      16. Hahahaha, but this W felt soooo good :p

  2. Thanks, just what I need. How long to hold stretch? And how many times?

    1. You are welcome :)
      My advice for stretching is take your time, until you feel your muscles relaxed. That´s the point of stretching :)
      For example, after a long run, stretching will take a little longer, and maybe you´ll want to do two or three sets of stretches.

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