Jordan Breakfast Club

Michael Jordan needs no introduction, six-times NBA Champion with the Chicago Bulls, Olimpic Champion, Hall of Fame member, his award and trophy list is almost endless, and he’s probably the best athlete of all times. Don´t know what the Breakfast Club is?

The legendary Breakfast Club

Jordan began to train with weights on game days in 1989 with his personal trainer, Tim Grover, revolutionizing the way many players trained during the season. Designed to maintain strength in areas that get worn out during the course of the season, the workouts were done early in the morning to allow enough recovery time before the game.
Years later, Pippen, Ron Harper, and Randy Brown would join MJ at his house for the workout, the legendary Breakfast Club was birthed. Whether it was a practice day or game day, it didn’t matter, Jordan and his crew would gather at his Highland Park, Illinois mansion between 5-7 am to work out. The Breakfast Club became a way of life and probably the most exclusive workout in the history of sports.
In 2017, Jordan brand brings the Breakfast Club to a limited number of players around the world (300) through an elevated training collection and interactive training regime curated by Jordan Brand’s family of athletes and Master Trainer, Alex Molden. Built around a 30-day program designed to help players improve their speed, strength, and reaction skills. Whether you are a total beginner or have been training for years, the plan is a great one for athletes of all levels.
I´ve been a fan my entire life so, when the opportunity to join the Jordan´s Breakfast Club showed up, I jumped in without hesitation. Wouldn´t you?

My personal experience

I´m not a morning person plus I´m Spanish, we wake up at 8:00 in the best case scenario so, my phone buzzing at 6:23 for a workout? I´m telling you, that´s no fun at all. But after the inevitable “what the f…!”, I enjoyed every single workout.
During 4 weeks my days started with a full-body dynamic warmup, speed work, strength training, and reaction exercises. I can assure you it was worth it. Not just for the obvious physical improvement but the kick-ass mentality. After you finish any of these workouts you´re ready to deal with anything life throws at you.
Two weeks after we finished the challenge, I filled the typical satisfaction survey. A week later I got an email.
I had this interview with Jordan´s Marketing Director to give them feedback about the challenge.
It turned out I was kind of a unicorn: the only personal trainer, and the only person outside the US to join the challenge. Which means lots of questions. Those scheduled 30 minutes became 90 minutes!
We talked about absolutely everything and she focused mostly on the things that I had not liked about the challenge. Of course, the first thing on the list was the schedule. Training at 6 in the morning is not done in all countries, and I explained a little about the Spanish way of life. Another thing was to use Messenger to deliver the workouts. Every time I want to repeat the challenge, I have to scroll up 20 minutes to get to day one. The next day, 19 minutes to get to day two. And so on.

About each objection, she wrote and asked me how I thought they could improve that particular aspect. I couldn’t help but think that this is how each company’s customer service should work.

She made me feel so comfortable that I dared ask if I could share the challenge with my friends.

She smiled and said: “I was waiting for you to ask me. For being a valuable contributor, we will be happy if you share it with whoever you want. The only condition is that the challenge remains free.”

So, keep this lovely woman in your prayers because thanks to her, I am very happy to be able to share these workouts with you! The challenge is no longer available on the Jordan website so, this is your last chance to join such an exclusive world-class challenge.

I´m honored to invite you to the Jordan Breakfast Club

The only thing I changed is the delivery system. You´ll get a daily email with the workout, cues, and video demonstrations. This way you can save and treasure these awesome workouts, and take the challenge again in the future without the burden of scrolling up your Messenger for ages.

As a member of this elite program, you´ll be working to your full potential, pushing to your absolute limits, and showcase that, like MJ himself, your work extends way past the court and off the court.

So get your workout clothes on, and get ready to enjoy a good sweat! Sign up below to become part  of the most exclusive challenge in the world 🐐 👇👇👇 

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