I want my own home gym. Where should I start?

I want my own home gym. Where should I start?

For several reasons, a lot of people don´t like gyms. It doesn´t mean that they don´t like to work out.

With a few items, we can build a better body, at home :)

The list is as short as five.

1.- Mirror.

exercise in front of the mirror

The bigger, the better. Your selfies will also look better but the real reason is that you need it to correct your posture, watch what are you doing, and how are you doing it.

2.- Stability ball.

Teacher making body exercises on a yellow ball

Cheaper than a bench, also it allows you to perform hundreds of exercises and stretches. Are you worried about your core? The answer is spherical :)

3.- Resistance bands.

Sporty woman stretching with resistance bands and ball

There are tons of brands. Select a proper resistance for you and get ready to sweat!

4.- Two dumbbell bars.

Chromed fitness exercise equipment dumbbell weight

The number is important: two (2). Why? Because you will need both for a lot of exercises. More versatile than a single long bar, they will become your better friends :) Also, check the bar´s diameter.

5.- Weight plates.

Weight plates pile / 3D render of hundreds of heavy weight plate

You only need a few, but the pic is pretty cool :) Please, check the plate hole´s diameter because you don´t want an awful surprise. I´m sure you know what I mean.

I bet you already have some of these at home :)


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    1. I´m glad to read that :)
      I usually post in the morning so, this means something :D
      On your mat…

  1. Great selection! I have all these, plus a barbell for the plates with a rack and a bench. A punching bag, gloves, jump ropes, a pull up bar and bosu ball, tv w/DVD player and treadmill… Pretty much everything… I just wish it was bigger haha and I’d love to have the gym mat floor pieces rather than Carpet!

    1. Thank you! I have my little gym at home too. And the gym mat is much better, no doubt. I also have artificial grass in my living room and it´s great! I´ve tried to keep it simple and cheap for beginners :)

      1. It is :) But I´m a little more eccetric. I work from home and I have my gym with gym mats, where I train and record the exercises for the clients. I´m sitted on the grass most of the day :D

      1. I don’t want to re-injure my back but I can’t live in fear or it either. It’s taken me three years to get to a place where I can function and make it through a day without drugs. I need to get my strength, flexibility and tone back.

      2. Ok, I guess you think you are giving me a lot of info but… nope.
        You have a back injury and your doctor prescribed you some meds.
        Please, email me. It´s free and private :)

  2. I have a version of this, but the challenge for me is that to find motivation and a simple routine that I can follow – I am writing this while looking at my stability and medicine balls across the room :)

  3. Hey, It took me quite a while to read all the comments but it was fun!

    Even I have these equipment except the stability ball, but what I lack is enough motivation and a schedule. I had once tried a 12 week challenge and it felt great. It was before more than a year I think, But I stopped after that and haven’t resumed since.

    1. Nice to meet you :)
      Thank you so much for reading even the comments!!!
      Don´t worry, you can survive without stability ball :)
      For free workouts and challenges, please, be my guest: http://chape.es/calendar/
      I will upload new routines in a few days.
      Big hug, David

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