Healthy Grocery List

healthy shopping list

Today I bring you a healthy grocery list that you can carry at all times on your phone and so not forget any ingredient you need.

You can also share the note with the other members of the family so that anyone can stop by the store and buy what is missing to prepare the menu of the day.

We’ve already talked about how you can easily manage your recipes with Evernote in a previous post, and I think this list will be useful and a good starting point to organize and build your grocery list.

Having a well-planned grocery list gets you in and out of the store quickly and helps you stick to your healthy eating plan. Time to stop tossing bad food and money in the trash! This grocery list includes everything your family needs to eat healthy and delicious for one week.

The healthy grocery list includes: Produce, proteins, grains, milk & dairy, legumes, beverages, and pantry staples

The list is extensive but, no worries,  you can edit any section to be something else. Modify as works best for you: 

  • Some people like to arrange the categories in their list around the order in which foods are found in the store.
  • Include categories for non-food items that you purchase at the grocery store such as health and beauty aids and household supplies.
  • “Play” with your master list for at least a month to find what works best for you.

Remember that time spent developing a list is usually less than time spent returning to the store for a forgotten item. Having a list may also contribute to your overall meal quality.

I have added a checkbox next to each product, so all you have to do is check or uncheck the box to verify if you have it in the pantry or you need to buy it.

You will never have to write or reprint again the grocery list, and then leave it forgotten at home. This list will always be on your phone, updated and synchronized with the other members of the family.

Just click on the image below to get the note and make your life much simpler.

45 thoughts on “Healthy Grocery List”

      1. Hahaha! Now I get it 😁 And realize that I should include ice-cream to the list 😂 Thanks for the idea, Roo!!!

      2. Instead of ice cream I’ve been mixing a half cup of frozen blueberries ( or any other frozen berry mix works ) into a half cup plain, nonfat yogurt (regular or greek style). Sweeter tastes may like to add 1 tsp to berries first, but I’ve detoxed from most processed sugars, only occasionally adding a smidge of raw, unfiltered, local honey for a treat 😊

      3. Sounds delicious 🤤 I’ll try it this week, because we have a heat wave here 🔥😅👌

    1. LOL! Wine is part of the Spanish culture. We use it a lot for cooking and it is recommended to drink a glass of white wine with the fish and a glass of red wine with the meat, in this way the flavors of the food are enhanced!

      1. Wine is great for cooking! I’ve also noticed that red wine is good to have with meat, although I’ve never tried white wine with fish. I normally don’t like to drink white wine too much, although it’s good to have on hand for cooking. Perhaps I’ll have to have some the next time I eat fish…

      2. Believe me, white wine is perfect for fish and seafood. In my area, an excellent and very famous white wine is made, which is recommended throughout Spain for these dishes.
        Note apart, I do not drink wine at all

      3. Hahaha! True, As children, we listen to adults about different wines and which are better for different foods. You always learn something, although as an adult you do not drink wine 😁
        In social events, they look at me and ask what is wrong with me. The perfect excuse is to say that I am taking antibiotics 😂👌

  1. What a great idea and It’s cool the way you’ve incorporated Evernote! One of your earlier comments noted the absence of ice cream :) I, too would like to see it added!

    1. Thank you so much, Terri! I´m glad you like it.
      If two people ask for it, it’s a popular demand, so I added ice cream to the list (not the image) :D
      If you saved the previous note in your Evernote, you will have to save the new version ;)

      1. Xlnt! There are all kinds of lists and many not healthy. That is unless the list is for the health food store (Most close really early). Just you keep inspiring us That we might have to compensate! Have a good week!

      2. Yeah, I’ve seen many grocery lists and I always end up scratching my head wondering why is that there? LOL!
        I thought we needed one with only healthy food 😅
        Have a good week as well!!
        Big hugs

    1. Hello Sienna! I´m so glad you like it :D
      Hope you like today´s post too, about sports therapies ;)
      Have a great day!
      Big hugs

  2. This is great article chape. I really like it you Healthy Grocery List. I will try this also. Thank you so much about this.

  3. Hey Chap Fitness! We love hoe inventive this idea is! Your template is a great and handy way to keep track of what your buying and spending as well as a great way to cut down on spending. We run a website dedicated to educating young people how to eat healthy whilst they are earning a low income call Health Cent$. Interestingly enough we were wondering if you noticed exactly how much you were able to cut from your grocery bill by avoiding unnecessary items? Wold love to know your thoughts!

    1. Hi! I visited your website and it´s full of great articles. You´ve earned not a follower but a fan!
      I am delighted that you liked the post, but only a small part of the shopping list that you can do with Evernote. For example, you can add columns with the prices of the items you buy in different supermarkets or add links to the supermarkets where you usually buy to see the offers, and have everything organized in a single note. Speaking of living on a budget, Evernote has a free version, by the way.
      Answering your question, I do not know exactly how much you can save by avoiding unnecessary items, but I could find out. I have to go shopping this weekend :) Which leads me to ask you a question: would you accept a guest post on how to use Evernote for how to make a shopping list that will help you save money?

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