Guest post: Long duration flights at MiddleMe & LadyReDot

Guest post: "Long duration flights" at MiddleMe & LadyReDot

Good morning, beautiful people :)

As you already know, my good friend Kally has invited me before to MiddleMe. We´ve tried to provide you exercises you can perform at your workplace and could help with your posture and tight muscles.

Probably, you don´t know these interesting facts about Kally:

  1. She loves travelling.
  2. She flights a lot.
  3. And she has just opened a travel blog:

So, I told her I had some exercises for her long duration flights and…the rest is history :)

Follow Kally´s blogs for awesome tips for your career  and travels!! Enjoy the reading and have a good flight :)

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  1. Un buen post, cómo siempre. Y tus consejos va a muy útil para mi, porque en julio tendré que tomar un vuelo largo, a través de 3 zonas horarias. ¡Yo sé que voy a necesitar encontrar alguna manera para muevo las piernas!

    También, ¿sabes algunos modos para tratar fluido en la rodilla? Tengo una cantidad incómodo desde una herida vieja, y es muy caro para ir a un especialista.

    1. Muchas gracias!! Hope you have a good flight :)
      Fluid from an old injury. Stability exercises for your knee could help to reduce that fluit outside the joint.
      So: bodyweight squats and single leg kettlebell Romanian deadlift. Actually, you don´t need a kettlebell, just perform the movement with no weight and see how it feels :)
      Hugs, David

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