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Guest post at MiddleMe: Exercise at the workplace

Guest Post at MiddleMe: Exercise at the workplace

Good morning, wonderful bloggers :D

Kally at MiddleMe has invited me to contribute to her blog. I follow MiddleMe since the first week I started blogging. Kally is a miracle woman, she fixes and finds solutions for every detail at the workplace. So, you can imagine how honored I feel since she asked me for some routines any of you can do at the workplace.

So, click on this link, and enjoy MiddleMe as much as I do :)

16 thoughts on “Guest post at MiddleMe: Exercise at the workplace

  1. Theses are great!

    1. Thank you :-)

      1. They will certainly come in handy.

      2. :-D

  2. I had such a wonderful time working with you, I think the most beneficial is MiddleMe readers who learned so much from you and your fantastic workout! Thank you so much!

    1. You are Lovely, dear! I enjoyed working with you as well :-) Thank you so much for introduce me to your readers, I hope they find it useful ;-) Big hug!!

  3. Nice post, that. I have read you advising that your routine should start with walking. Walking is so under rated.

    1. Thank you, Harry :-)
      Walking is a great exercise! It’s better than driving, sitting or doing burpees :-D

      1. Cheers man, hugs back.

      2. :-)

  4. Loved the tips. I’ve shared them with the folks in my office too.

    1. Great! Thank you :)
      I hope you all enjoy them :D

  5. Congratulations on your guest blog!

    1. Thank you so much, Terry :)

  6. Done, clicked & followed. Nice post

    1. Thank you so much :)

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