Guest post: A good posture at MiddleMe

Guest post: "A good posture" at MiddleMe

Good morning, dears :)

It´s finally here! A good posture at MiddleMe!!!

This time, we´ll focus on the muscles that help us to keep a good posture while typing, or more generally sitting behind a desk. I think any blogger need these exercises every now and then. Take a look at the guest post, and also, take the opportunity to meet Kally and discover her amazing blog. There you´ll find solutions for any problem at your workplace: relationships (bosses, co-workers, clients), how to manage your time… all you need to improve your professional life is one click away, follow her!

20 thoughts on “Guest post: A good posture at MiddleMe”

  1. Well I would have commented this the same day you published it Chape, but my mobile phone was being a doofus and not able to log into my account, so I had to wait to get home and log into my laptop to do this. Long story short, a recap of what I was going to post:

    Chape you always beat me to the good topics, lol. You must read minds because this was on topic I was interested in talking about and I am happy you decided to beat me to it because you did a better job then what I could provide readers. I am one of those people that have bad posture when I am typing on the laptop but when I eat at a restaurant or walk, my posture is fine. I am not sure this makes sense but it is almost like because it became so comfortable I find myself bent over the laptop typing most of the time. Whenever I find myself using bad posture I try to correct myself but sometimes say “screw it” and move on. lol. I realize this bad posture while typing causes tears in my body and I don’t want this; especially since I workout often. I will definitely take what you published to heart and work on this more. Thank you for the advice Chape.

    Shay-lon xoxo

    1. Hi, Shay-lon! You and your comments are always welcome :) I use to say my phone hates me, so also, welcome to the club :D
      You´ve just written an excellent collection about diets, I had to step up lol
      I´m happy you liked it, but I´m sure you can provide a good insight too!
      About the posture typing… it´s not you, it´s the laptop :D Seriously, it´s the laptop. Our keyboards (specially laptops) are in front of us, and we need to bring our hands together in front of us to type, rounding our shoulders. You feel comfortable because it´s a natural movement, like huging, but too much of something… you know ;)
      Read you soon, dear!
      Chape :)

      1. Haha. I was hoping I could avoid this club but since I got a warm welcome with a devilish grin… I suppose I will stay, it is only right. LOL.
        My collection, I like that; it kinda sounds like a published book.. hmm.. I will agree that those diets did take me day and night to publish and helped people; but if I had known you would come out of nowhere offering this great piece of information.. I would have held back such a collection ;)
        I never gave this any thought, do you think that a laptop keyboard could be better designed to help our posture? Chape, next thing you know.. you will have invented a better laptop keyboard (all I ask is I get 20 percent of the earnings) lol. When and if you do this, I will need to do DOUBLE AND TRIPLE shifts to keep up with you.
        You must have read my comment on calling you chape sounds cool to me, but no worries I like your name too (David) but after getting used to seeing your username I have taken to the name Chape and I know no Chapes so this makes you special :)

        Shay-lon xoxo

      2. Sorry, dear. This phone club is like the fight club, there is no way out. Your next phone will be more expensive and worst, of course! Lol
        In my opinion, nobody shouldn´t hold back anything. If you haven´t published them I would never come out of nowhere. Now, you have good content and a collection of articles for a future book, pdf or whatever :)
        A better keyboard? Easy :D The keyboard should be divided, like a two blade door. Open it: Right keyboard to the right of the screen, left keyboard to the left… … … are we billionaires? I don´t feel different :D
        P.S. Indeed, I did :) Chape is cool!!!

      3. Of course, the next new phone I purchase will probably be able to walk on two feet and serve me dinner (that is how long I will have to wait to have a new phone) & by then technology will be very advanced to the point that I may be more concerned with electronics taking over the world versus Zombies.
        We might be “silent” billionaires, where we don’t know that we are, but the universe does:P for some reason that made sense to me.

      4. Hahahaha, you don´t need a new phone, you need a Terminator, lol. If the universe knows how cool we are, Arnold will be pleased to serve you dinner :D

  2. Acabo de leer esto en MiddleMe. ¡Buenísimos consejos!

    I used to have a resistance band that I used all the time, but then I broke it. If I ever end up working in an office again (please God no) I might buy another one to keep with me. I have no idea how to say any of that in Spanish…

    1. Muchísimas gracias!
      A resistance band is a good tool in a lot of situations to keep us fit :)
      Ok, you don´t work in an office, but when you finish a post, you know what to do ;)

  3. It is super having you over at MiddleMe!! I have friends calling me up and saying those exercises you taught works! It just take a lot of persistence to continue daily. We love you over at MiddleMe and looking forward in more great new posts from you!

    A big Hug and a Huge Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much for inviting me! I had a great time at Middleme, you are wonderful :-)
      Haha, I’m glad you have brave friends! I know what they mean, but if they noticed a difference, it’s a good reason to keep going a few more days :-D
      I’m looking forward to visiting you again and meeting your lovely followers!!
      Big hug, and Huge Thanks back :-)

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