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Guest post: A good posture at MiddleMe

Good morning, dears 🙂

It´s finally here! A good posture at MiddleMe!!!

This time, we´ll focus on the muscles that help us to keep a good posture while typing, or more generally sitting behind a desk. I think any blogger need these exercises every now and then. Take a look at the guest post, and also, take the opportunity to meet Kally and discover her amazing blog. There you´ll find solutions for any problem at your workplace: relationships (bosses, co-workers, clients), how to manage your time… all you need to improve your professional life is one click away, follow her!

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Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet

Excellent David! Well done!!


Well I would have commented this the same day you published it Chape, but my mobile phone was being a doofus and not able to log into my account, so I had to wait to get home and log into my laptop to do this. Long story short, a recap of what I was going to post:

Chape you always beat me to the good topics, lol. You must read minds because this was on topic I was interested in talking about and I am happy you decided to beat me to it because you did a better job then what I could provide readers. I am one of those people that have bad posture when I am typing on the laptop but when I eat at a restaurant or walk, my posture is fine. I am not sure this makes sense but it is almost like because it became so comfortable I find myself bent over the laptop typing most of the time. Whenever I find myself using bad posture I try to correct myself but sometimes say “screw it” and move on. lol. I realize this bad posture while typing causes tears in my body and I don’t want this; especially since I workout often. I will definitely take what you published to heart and work on this more. Thank you for the advice Chape.

Shay-lon xoxo

Josh Gross | The Jaguar

Acabo de leer esto en MiddleMe. ¡Buenísimos consejos!

I used to have a resistance band that I used all the time, but then I broke it. If I ever end up working in an office again (please God no) I might buy another one to keep with me. I have no idea how to say any of that in Spanish…

Harry...the Man!

Awesome work as always!

Those are very useful exercises. I have incorporated a few of your exercises into my routine already.


It is super having you over at MiddleMe!! I have friends calling me up and saying those exercises you taught works! It just take a lot of persistence to continue daily. We love you over at MiddleMe and looking forward in more great new posts from you!

A big Hug and a Huge Thanks!


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