Winter Slim down goal achieved!

Winter Slim-Down Goal Achieved!

That would be….um…ME! WOOOHHOOO!!! I was so happy when I woke up, stepped on the scale and saw this number! I definitely had a special coffee to celebrate my new weight of 58,3 kgs or 128.5 lbs. Yeah Baby! I haven’t been as militant about losing the weight as I was when I was fighting so hard to reach my goal of 60 kgs. But I have been utilizing healthier eating habits, and sticking to the teas and water, and maintaining some of the exercises and habits have given to me by David Chape when I was on the home stretch to my goal. So imagine my delight when I’m not even really trying to lose weight and I got this little surprise victory! 😀 I have to tell you though, it’s perfect timing – as I’m going soon to try on some wedding dresses! Feeling more confident will help me in every way, and this was -just an AWESOME start to the day! via: Guess who’s still losing weight!

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      1. No problem! My phone is not smarter than yours, I mean it gets me in trouble too :) Thank you!

  1. Chape!!! Congrats on your continued weight loss!! I am very proud of you!! You have been looking quite swell in your videos sir!


    1. Thank you!!But I’m not losing weight (thank god, and ice cream), my blogger client is 😀
      Also, thanks for the compliment 😊

      1. Haha I thought it was weird when it said something about you losing weight, I must have misread the content *shrugs* it happens. I was getting ready to ask why you were losing weight, but went with it! LOL congrats to your client then MR!!!!!

        I had some ice cream today and only finished half of it because it was a bit too rich for my taste, I thought I’d try something different.

      2. Thank you in her name ;-)
        Hmmm, don’t worry about the ice cream, I had three today, so I have your part covered LOL

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