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Glenda sent me fabulous gifts

I was having breakfast this morning and I received a package from Glenda. A couple of weeks ago she told me she was going to send me some shirts but somehow, she managed to include some touching surprises in the package!

Without a doubt, I´m blessed with the best clients on the planet!! More than clients, they become friends. In this job, confidentiality is a must and I´m only allowed to brag about some of them. As you may know, Glenda won one of my giveaways and, since day one she gave me permission to share her pics, measurements, and anything I could need to promote my business. I have to say that this is unusual, my clients prefer to keep anonymous, most of the times. But Glenda is also unusually amazing!!

Glenda, sunshine, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Now, I know you are curious and want to know what was in the package. I opened the package and put all the contents on the table. There were three shirts and two more unexpected items.

dav A super funny postcard: dav dav

This is already hanging on my wall, close to the pc screen so I´m going to read that I´m outstanding every day from now on :)

Also, the package included an amazing knit prayer pocket for my mother (she will go to surgery soon to remove some kidney stones and Glenda has been praying since she knew about it). I can´t thank Glenda enough for that! and this prayer pocket is just too much.


And three wonderful Under Armour shirts that I promise that you will see me wearing and sweating in the next exercise videos.

dav mde mde

I couldn´t feel better, happier or more motivated. And after publishing this post, I´m going to use the green shirt for the first time, because I love it :D

I wish you a day as great as mine!

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12 thoughts on “Glenda sent me fabulous gifts

  1. How lovely!

    1. Yes, she is ;D Thanks, Mick!

  2. That was so sweet. Enjoy them

    1. Thank you, and for sure, I will :)

  3. that is awesome! You surely are blessed and I just love the “outstanding” award! I couldn’t agree more.

    1. Thank you, Jolie 😘
      Big hugs!!

  4. What a sweet gesture from Glenda. I hope your mother will recover soon.

    1. Yes, it is! Glenda is lovely :)
      And thank you so much for your good wishes ;)

  5. How sweet :-) And well deserved, I am sure.
    Will have your mother in thoughts also, when I light a candle near my Buddha.
    Have a great week, dear David.

    1. That´s so sweet too, Patty!! Thank you so much :D
      Big hugs, and have a great week as well ;)

  6. That is Outstanding David – and we love Glenda! She is an inspiration – I’m happy that she is sharing her progress with you and she sounds like such a wonderful person. I think I’ll have to take a pic of that Outstanding saying it’s just what I need some day… LOL Thanks!

    1. Thank you, Joan!! You are right, Glenda is a wonderful person and an inspiration 👌and please, download the pic because I’m sure it will lift you up every morning, and the frog is super funny 😁 Big hugs!!!

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