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Free award blog

Free Award Blog

Hello, dears :)

First of all, thank you so much for all the awards you´ve given to me, I had a lot of fun.

As you know, awards require time. Which I have not enough. So, the inevitable moment has come. I´ll find a cool badge and I´ll upload it in the next few days.

Have a great week :)

23 thoughts on “Free award blog

  1. Hey David!

    Welcome to quieter side!

    1. Hi Anand!
      Thank you :) Happy to see you again!

      1. :) :)

  2. Hey sir David…..
    hmmm Award Free blog????.. aww man…that just sucks hogg ballz ; )
    I am here all day..I will write you back from your other post!!….NOT KOOL MAN!!! J/K OR NOT?? TIS THAT IS THE QUESTION ………..OK, I understand why…..

    1. Yes Miss, well, I´m in doubt now, free goes before or after? lol
      I´m not going to lie saying I´ll read and comment more, bla, bla, bla lololol I don´t have time, or I´ve seen too many people bending the rules to they will. I value my time too, and I have better things to do with it :)
      Btw, did you think the color of my nails?
      Huggggs, David

      1. Hey Mr David!!!
        I am doing dads paperwork and paying his bills ..But I shall return of course lol..I get that ..I am 4 or 5 blog awards behind lol I love getting them and they are fun but all about time and I am overloaded at this time..remember me time lol..yeah that is not going to happen for awhile but hey I do like to stay busy…I do read all my comments and respond when I have the time…At times it has taken me awhile ..but I do fall behind on the comments sometimes one can not keep up and there is life out there or here I totally get ya hun…no sweet,sweat off the back .. : ) Oh you know I am thinking of that color just for you my dear friend Mr David!!!..So I am busy at the moment with doing dads stuff..then I will take a shower at some point and eat…but in between I am here…here and there seems that is the best for me lolol.. and yes you do have things to do as well…like seashells picking and um I love fried clams not oysters on the half no no …I am sure that you will find the right groove lol and where if you want to take part in those awards that is fine when you have the time and if not and don’t have the time that is ok too…I still have to have a go at the award you put on me my friend lol SEE I remember even with a head injury …lol oh yes I will talk to you more about the operation or lack there of on my neck lol when we both have time..How is that????
        So when are you going to have time hahahaha
        take it easy and enjoy your walks on the beach and clams and and……I still haven’t had time to write you back from the last post…but I will get to it ..again time….
        what time and no don’t do me in military time you, you Bratt lol..ok it is 4:37pm now…how many hours are we different??….making you use your noggin lol.. hell I could look it up but just when you have time mr…
        k need to finish my dads bills and then that is one less thing i have to due..and then I will be a happy camper : ) the debate is a nice hot bath with lavender helps with pain or shower??? debate me …see I
        MAJOR Hugggs to you for hanging with me when I know that you are busy..I appreciate you for doing so..

      2. Hi Miss Suzz :)
        If you can´t sleep, I´m going to have breakfast lol 7 hours of difference ;)
        The best way to cook clams is “sailor style”… well, with a huge “Excuse me for the translation”… but I can explain the recipe lol I love boiled mussels… they are easier to cook… and to find lol
        So, when you pay all the bills, we can talk about your neck, my fingernails, cooking or whatever you want ;)
        BIG Huggggs dear!! You´re hanging with me and you´re pretty busy too :) Thank you, David

  3. I totally understand. Editing and finding new nominees can take so much time. You can put that time to better use! ;)

    1. You´ve nailed it :)

  4. Hi David,
    so you are joining the club of award free blogs..;)
    I offer you an award for this.;)

    1. Hello Akhila :)
      I think it´s the right thing to do :) Thanks for the warm welcome and also thanks for the award ;)

      1. :)

  5. Hey, David! I know how it is :)
    I hope you’re ok.
    Hugs <3

    1. I remember I couldn’t nominate you for “my award” lol
      Thank you, Monica ;-) I hope you had a great B-Day!!

      1. It was OK, David. I was at school all afternoon :) But I have time to party all the weekend. Thank you for your friendship, David <3

      2. Cake and juice all the weekend??? :D
        Thank you for yours as well, dear :)

      3. Oh, yeah! All the weekend :))

      4. B-)

      5. :D

  6. Yes, I’m the same way at my blogs.. Just not enough time to do those awards posts, unfortunately… I hope you are having a nice weekend :)

    1. Thank you!! I hope you had a good one :) And better week ahead :)

  7. I feel ya, mah brotha. Peer recognition is great and can’t be understated. Still, when the time pie’s sliced too thin, someone stays a little hungry.

    1. Thank you :) I like the saying!
      Big hug, David

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