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Foam Roller: Upper Back Relief

Foam Roller: Upper Back Relief

A lot of people suffer from tightness in their upper back and shoulders.  Sometimes it feels like knots between your shoulder blades, while other times the pain might feel like it’s spreading from your upper back into your neck. The main cause of upper back and neck pain is a sedentary lifestyle, and extended use of computers, phones, and tablets. Upper back pain also easily leads to neck pain.

The key to foam rolling your upper body is actually to not roll much at all. Instead, use the roller to isolate smaller areas and allow them to release slowly from the pressure of your body’s weight on the roller.

If you need a reminder, read the general instructions on how to foam rolling, here.

16 thoughts on “Foam Roller: Upper Back Relief

  1. Thanks for sharing this I get bad muscle spasms in my neck and back

    1. My pleasure! I’m sure this exercise will help 😉

  2. Hey Chape!
    How ya doing buddy? Hope all is well with you, see you are staying busy with these post and wonderful video demonstrations, sure you don’t want to become a HUGE YouTube star! lol :D


    1. Hi, Shay-lon!
      Mmmmm I answered that question in my next post LOL Everything is great, thanks ;) Hope you´re doing great as well!
      Also, thanks for the offer but I have other plans :)

      1. Ahh okay! How was memorial day weekend for you Chape? 🙂 did you do anything fun or adventurous?
        You always have other plans! something new with you all the time 😀

      2. We don’t celebrate that in Spain, dear 😊
        I went out on Friday night and it was bizarre, just how I like it, lol
        And you are right, I have some plans going on 😉👌

      3. Oh really? I did not know, something new I have learned. You go out? I didn’t know you go out! lol :D wow!!!

  3. Oh yeah!

    1. Haha! Super glad you like it :)

  4. I love this. I have a roller and I use it for my back/shoulders and legs. Damn…my whole body. Ha.

    1. Hahaha! I can relate to that! I began rolling just my hamstrings, now I do full body routines :D


    1. Great!! ;)

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  7. Do you have any youtube channel?

    1. Yes:
      You´ll find exercise videos in English and Spanish ;)

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