Fitness Periodic Table



I´m excited to present to you the Fitness Periodic Table. It is strange that no one has proposed such a table before. The fitness industry is full of great professionals who are continually creating and developing new tools for the general public. And yet, as much as I have searched the internet, I have not found a table that presents in a simple and visual way the fundamental elements that we must take into account when creating a training program.

I have grouped the different elements that are most closely related to each other but, like chemical elements, they can all be related to each other. And indeed they do.

If you are considering creating your own training routine, having this table in front of you will help you not to forget any important variable that you must take into account and you will be able to create much more precise and specific routines to achieve your goals.

We will see more in detail what each element consists of in future articles.

In the meantime, download the table and set it as your wallpaper.

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