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Fitness Advice #1 Start Now

As a personal trainer, the first and best fitness advice I can give you is this: Start today!
You feel motivated right now and you think this motivation will keep growing and growing, leading you to start exercising soon. I´m sure you´ve heard that motivation is what gets you started. Probably, you feel motivated after a long day sitting on your couch and you tell yourself tomorrow morning will be different: you will go for a run, hit the gym or start doing yoga. Then, next morning, nothing happens. Where´s your motivation? Nobody knows. That´s why motivation sucks. Because it´s never there when you need it.
The moment you have an instinct to act on a goal, apply the 5-seconds rule. In this video, Mel Robbins explains how we all sabotage ourselves, and how we can stop doing it.
Do not wait until next week, do not wait until tomorrow. Whether it is winning a race, losing weight, gaining flexibility, looking good in a bathing suit, or living a long life, start small and work your way up to a better and better you. Please, don´t fool yourself waiting for the perfect moment to start chasing your dreams. There is no perfect moment to start anything other than right now! After a long day sitting on the couch, there is nothing better than a few exercises to relieve and stretch your muscles. And that it´s much better than waiting until the next day. Now is always better than later.
Do not wait one more second: go to the gym and get that membership, or buy that pair of dumbbells you need to train at home or the pair of running shoes you need… Today is the right moment for you to start. No excuses, no overthinking… Just do it.
The toughest part is yet to be: keep going. Rome wasn´t built in a day. A warm day does not make summer. And let me tell you that after your first day working out, you´ll feel proud. But also soreness, tired, and many days from this first day you won´t feel like training. Those who workout on a regular basis know I´m telling the truth. We all feel like that one day (or week) or another! Remember the 5 seconds rule, kick your excuses out of your head and do what you have to do, keep going. A regular (serious) training plan is usually set for 6-8 weeks. On this journey you´ll have good and bad days, great and terrible days, they´re all part of the process.
I would love to help you achieve your fitness goals, whatever they are: lose weight, gain muscle, overcome a plateau, running a 5k or a marathon… You name it, I´m an old dog with years of experience and tons of tricks in my sleeve to get you where you want to be. If you need a custom training and meal plan, and I could help you, sign up. We´ll work together using Evernote, the best app in the market to set goals, track progress, and get things done. That´s what fitness is about, right? Set goals, get things done, and progress towards your dreamed body.

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Iulia Halatz

Welcome! 🙂 And thank you for your wonderful tips! Happy Sweating!!!


You changed your theme of the blog or I am in heaven and seeing things? lol 🙂 nah but I like it a lot, it is very different, definitely something for me to get used to!


Allison Humina

Good advice, as always dear 🙂 Love the new layout.


Love your wake-up call! You’re so right, about just giving it a shot and starting today not tomorrow. It’s just so true! xxx

Ryan C. Phillips

Don’t think the biggest limitation to our goals is ourselves? A lot of the times we settle for the path of least resistance and succumb to poor excuses like we “don’t have time” or we “will start eventually” or “its too late for me I’m already too far down the rabbit hole.” Get up earlier and get after it. If you tell yourself you’re going to do it tomorrow, why not today? And it’s never too late to change. Once we stop growing, changing, and learning, life becomes stale. It’s not as hard as we might think to overcome these thoughts, we just don’t want to. Thoughts?


David! You’re back 🙂
Totally agree with you: why wait for tomorrow 🙂


I exercise at home… it’s much easier to organise my time this way… and every day before starting it’s the same old story “ok.., I will just do a few squats and then tomorrow…”, but after starting I keep going… 😄😄




Thank you so much for posting it…


Awesome post! I always say there is no change without action. Start now. What are you waiting for?


Great article my friend. There’s always an excuse when it comes to exercise, but they all stink. The time to start is always now. Looking forward to reading more posts.


I enjoyed reading your stuff. I am trying to get motivated. The sad part is I own a small town gym. I love working out but I always feel like work home and the gym is over whelming. So I am over coming it all. A little slow but I will over come it. Winter is really hard for me because the cold hurts my bones. Getting old is hard on the body.

Chris Kenny

Quality post, look forward to seeing more!


Wow! So inspirational and motivational. Thanks for sharing this.


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The Thrifty Campers

That’s the thing, it’s easy to make excuses for yourself and make yourself believe it justifies why your skipping and so you feel better about not working out but at the end of the day you just end up feeling guilty.

oneta hayes

Love this picture and this reminder that tomorrow is yesterday too fast!

Todd Spaulding

Awesome post. The hardest thing is taking the first step. The second hardest thing is stringing a few steps in a row. After that it gets easy! Great inspiration! Thanks for the post!


True that! I used to be 5 stone heavier and put off working out and eating healthy ALL the time. Finally one day I decided that I had to stop putting it off and now I’m in the gym as much as possible! Once you make that decision it really does get easier. Great post – great inspo!


Great post!
Like the old Nike ad.
You have got to “Just Do It!”


Action precedes motivation. Nice Post


Great blog! very informative and motivating


Im a big fan of the 5 second rule! Ive read and watch a lot of blogs and videos about it and I think it can be a life changer for a lot of people. I have actually been working on a blog post about this idea and I think that the more people who see it, the more lives I can change. This is a great blog you made and look for my new blog when it comes out!


Please check out my website. It’s new.
And looove ur writings


Great entry my friend


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Great post !!


Very useful tips! Would definitely share it with my friends and family


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