Exercise for teenagers

Exercise for teenagers

Hello, dears!
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The NHS recommends to teenagers an hour of physical activity every day to stay healthy.
Sadly, there are people who do not like sports. However, when I hear a teenager “I do not like sports”, I’m always tempted to reply, you haven´t had time to try them all. Besides the most popular, there are plenty, beneficial to growth, sports. Pick something that you find interesting, if you hate running, don’t run.
My dear teenager, exercising is good for you because keeps your body at a healthy weight, keeps your bones strong and your joints healthy, helps you sleep better, produces endorphins that make you feel happy, and reduces stress. If these are not reasons enough, you can have fun and make friends!
The recommended exercise routine consists of three components: aerobics, strength training, and flexibility. Why? Aerobic exercises quicken your heart rate and breathing and are good for your heart. Strengthening your muscles allow you to be able to increase your endurance. A flexible person has a lower chance of getting sprains and strained muscles.
Sports are a great source of aerobic exercise. A soccer player may have great cardiovascular endurance, but he probably will have very little muscular power, especially in the upper body. The physical benefits of a sport usually depend entirely on characteristics of the sport itself.
A proper strength training program will fix this imbalance, focusing on those areas not involved in a particular sport. Also, it will improve your sports performance, enhancing your weak points. 2-3 short sessions on days off your team training will make a huge difference.
Last, but probably most important, take the time to stretch, every day. Staying injury-free throughout the sports season requires a proper stretching routine. Stretching before athletic activity helps prepare the muscles for exercise. Stretching after exercise has proven to be important for preventing injury. Let me tell you 4 tips on stretching:
  1. Avoid any bouncing or bobbing while doing a stretch.
  2. Do not to push yourself too much. To be more specific, always avoid trying to stretch if it feels uncomfortable.
  3. Keep your body relaxed and stretch both sides equally, so that you can improve your overall flexibility and range of motion.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you´re not sure how to do something, ask.

Stay active and have fun!

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  1. Great post! I think this article is fitting for everyone, not just teenagers. I agree, just because you haven’t liked the sports you’ve tried, doesn’t mean there isn’t something out there for you!

    1. Thank you so much 😄 You are right, these recommendations fit everyone, but as we age, we find more excuses, and need more sofisticated strategies 😀 It’s funny but it’s not a joke 🤔
      What’s your favorite sport?
      Big hug, David

      1. In high school I played volleyball, basketball and softball. Then in college I played basketball and softball. Once I quit college sports I took up bodybuilding but due to a deadlifting injury, I can no longer lift heavy. Now my workouts consist of lower weight, high reps & getting my body moving so I work up a sweat. It is harder as we age, you’re absolutely correct. 🙈

      2. Wow, you have played some!
        I love basketball and bodybuilding 😉 And I have a back injury too (not joking) so I think I understand what you miss 😊
        Big hug, David

  2. When I was a teenager (younger teenager I mean because I’m still technically a teenager) I was definitely one of those “I don’t like sports types” and you’re absolutely right it’s because I hadn’t found one I enjoyed yet. Plus I think our teachers were really harsh and took the fun out of sports. Anyway once I started playing basketball I definitely changed my mind.

    1. Haha, maybe my teachers moved to your town! I remember them as the worst ever 😫
      I found basketball when I was seven, and it was a crash 😄

      1. Hahaha I think P.E teachers are just mean in general because I’ve never had a single good one in my life.
        Basketball is just so fun although admittedly I haven’t played it in a while :)

      2. Hahaha! We are some kind of survivors LOL
        I should play more basketball because I’m getting old, you know, I won’t be able to play forever 😫

      3. Haha yeah we have been through so much torture and made it out alive!
        Yeah play while you still can although I’m sure you’ve still got a long time to go before you can’t play basketball!

      4. We are tough 😂
        Listen your own advice and enjoy the game as long as you can 😉
        I will ask if I can join the new 3×3 league for former stars LOL

  3. Great post, very important especially on the injury prevention. I just recovered from a torn hamstring and on my return back from the injury strained my neck and back. Wishing I’d read this 3months ago…

    1. Thank you 😊 And sorry I didn’t write this before 😯
      Look it at the bright side, now you’re going to learn a lot of stretching 😉
      Wish you a quick recovery!

    1. Sorry, Josh. I thought I already answered.
      Yes, this is good for everyone, but we have to sell it different according to age :D

  4. Love this post and I agree this is helpful for everyone not just teens this was a great read thanks for this🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼❤

    Do check out my blog posts and let me know what you think I’m new to the blogging world would love that😊

  5. I think developing a fitness routine outside of sports is more important. Many highschool athletes have no where to turn after graduation or college and sports aren’t really in their scope of work anymore. They seem to fall off the “active” path. Good article and hopefully this gets teenagers out and active and not behind a video game.

    1. Thank you, I´m glad you like it :)
      There are so many reasons why teenagers quit sports, sigh! But at least, we have to try ;)
      Big hug, David.

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